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Apply preventive maintenance in close personal relationships. That said, it may involve making a sacrifice if you discover old habits need overhauling. Some Oxen are not easy to move, but on a positive note, stubbornness can be recycled into effort toward making things better.

If looking for love, someone new may be a bit commitment-phobic and unpredictable, but their colorful and stimulating personality enlivens the slow and listless evenings and weekends of August. Just don’t get serious. Simply enjoy the relationship. (And don’t think how great they could be if you could change them.)

Professionally, strive but don’t plow others under in the 30 days that follow the July 31 new moon. You gain support through team spirit and/or a mission that has success potential this month. This is also an opportune time to ask advice and gain backing for your goals. September through the end of the year is splendid for you, btw. No hurry.

Monthly Chinese Horoscope