Rat Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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You are a bright light at your job, and people are happy to work with you. You might receive a raise or an increase in hours that puts more money in your pocket. Changes in your physical appearance are good now.

The eclipse on January 10 brings an opportunity for a new vehicle or a trip with a friend.

As the year shifts from earth Pig energy to the year of the metal Rat on the twenty-fifth, Ox natives find relationships become a focus. A love relationship grows intense, and there could be more intimacy behind closed doors.

Your charisma is strong, so you can attract helpful people now. This also brings some admirers. If you're looking for romance, you can arrange a coffee date or two. Friendships grow closer this month. The weather may be keeping you inside, but your dear friends are looking forward to your call or text.

There is a lot of energy around education now. You may have a school project to complete or an important exam to take. Put yourself on a study schedule and you'll be quite pleased with the results.

Monthly Chinese Horoscope