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Ox natives deserve a break after the last few months. The full moon on October 1 highlights your house of rest and recuperation. In the next two weeks, consider taking a short break, or stay at home and put your phone on silent and turn off the work computer.

The high energy is with you again as the Dog month begins on the fifth. For the next four weeks you’ll have lots to do and everybody pushing you in different directions. Ox natives can be coaxed but never pushed. You might take on these tasks if they sweeten the deal.

The new moon on October 16 and the two weeks following indicate some changes for you when it comes to your routines. Your relationship partner may also be adjusting to a new schedule. With Mercury retrograde now, it's easy to miss deadlines, forget tasks, and arrive late to meetings.

Your high-energy day is the twenty-second, and you may feel extraordinarily creative and bursting with new ideas. Grab a journal and start writing them down.

Monthly Chinese Horoscope