Rooster Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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A significant other’s wishes are hardly secret to those who make it a point to be aware. Desires may be modest, like hoping you could just spend more time together. This month, ask what they might need, and listen to what they say.

Get ready to turn on the charm when new additions animate your social circle. If you’re a Rooster looking for love, while you may not meet your soul mate, someone you recently met could introduce you to someone interesting.

Professionally, distance yourself from friction and infighting in the 30 days that follow the September 28 Libra new moon phase. While battles rage on, step away from them and keep a close eye on your prize. Peaceful noninvolvement gives you more time to stay on top of incoming information, and you’ll discover opportunities to your advantage. It’s time to build for the future while some around you waste energy tarnishing theirs.

Monthly Chinese Horoscope