Rooster Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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July’s lunar eclipse is stellar for Rooster relationships. “Diversion” is not a four-letter word, as you’ll find out if you dare in July. Try breaks from routine. If spontaneity isn’t your thing, delegate the planning to the one who gets it. Go gently into one night or four hours, but relax and have fun this month.

Be social and magnetic and even flirt if looking for love. It’s a five-star relationship month. New places mean new faces, and one might be your soul mate. There’s a chance that you could meet two very interesting personalities. Don’t hurry things along too quickly.

Professionally, the solar eclipse is a powerful influence with six months’ duration. Heads up! There can be an oscillating and frustrating undercurrent. The antidote for Roosters is more activity done in small and careful steps. When you can neither go backward nor forward, stay the course, especially over the 30 days following the eclipse.

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