Snake Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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January begins with a desire to break rules and find freedom. January 5 brings the Ox month, and Tiger natives have increased intuitive ability and an aptitude for the psychic arts. You might be learning mediumship, tarot, or working with a pendulum. This is adding to the knowledge you already have if you’re working toward becoming a professional reader.

There is a new moon on the twelfth, and Tiger natives are focused on money and investments. There are some financial opportunities for you this month, including letting go of some monthly subscriptions that aren't serving you. Someone might offer you a stock tip (make sure it's a trusted source before you put your money in). You can also save some money on insurance.

There's a full moon on January 28, and Mercury goes retrograde two days later. Education becomes the focus for the next two weeks. If you're in school, you might have a project due or some big tasks coming up. It's possible to get some tutoring or help from a knowledgeable person. You could also be doing some legal work that requires you to study documents or learn some legalese. There's luck on your side if you do your homework.

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