Snake Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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The month rates four stars when it comes to close personal relationships. Expect a busy time, lots of dashing around, things to do and places to go. The more significant others in your circle, the more events. Go easy on yourself and set time aside to relax.

October brings the potential for an exciting relationship, perhaps even more than one if you’re a Tiger looking for love. This is the season when patience may wear thin, but it’s best not to hurry things.

Professionally, snippets of information fly back and forth during a five-star month in the 30 days that follow the September 28 Libra new moon phase. Both friend and foe talk and are capable of providing good data containing promises of success. Listen when secrets are revealed (apropos of inner planets in Scorpio). Pay attention to your instincts while hearing and evaluating. It may be fall, but you can sow seeds now.

Monthly Chinese Horoscope