Snake Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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Enlightenment flows with July’s lunar eclipse, like answers to the question, “Am I being fair?” It’s what you should ask yourself, btw, just in case you often engage in a little trickery to avoid sharing responsibilities in close personal relationships.

You may not be looking for love this month - the speedy Tiger moves fast to avoid being caught. Romance blooms and then fades in what appears to be fated. It would be best to wait for better timing.

Professionally, you have an “aha” realization that it’s wise to avoid conflict, especially in the 30 days following the solar eclipse. Because of the powerful phase, stay this course through the end of the year. Your allies are those who have proven their dependability (Pigs, in particular). When the team isn’t a team, a little detachment never hurts. Be nice, but maybe not so close this month. If you feel like abandoning ship and looking for a new job, don’t. Wait until fall.

Monthly Chinese Horoscope