Snake Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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The month of April has you organizing papers or maybe going paperless, Tiger native, which means a lot of scanning and shredding before you can achieve that. The water Dragon month begins on April 4, and you could be receiving an agreement for employment or the purchase of a large item. Others around you have suggestions about handling the negotiations. And while Tiger natives have no trouble changing direction, your ideas seem to be set in stone when it comes to this agreement.

The new moon is on the eleventh, and you're more community minded now. This may mean that you’re putting together a local service organization or working with a charity to help your neighbors. You have a lot of talents, so you may be put in a leadership position right from the start. You have lots of grateful people around you.

The full moon is on April 26, and it's good to be focused on your routines. It's time to eliminate things that are distracting or bring you no benefit. This could include clutter, junk food, or perhaps too many premium TV services—anything that keeps you from doing healthier things.

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