Snake Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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Play nice and purr more than roar in close personal relationships. While real big cats don’t purr, the essence of it is self-soothing, healing, and relaxing for everyone around, especially Tigers.

If looking for love, be especially aware if someone new either confuses you or makes you uncomfortable. That could be the universe reminding you of your attraction to a personality type that you tend to try to hold on to for too long. Live, learn (and purr).

Professionally, competitors seem to be the architects of annoyance. Know what else? What about the game player who seems to be simultaneously for you and against you? If you can’t tell the perps from the home team, don’t risk getting into the game in the 30 days that follow the July 31 new moon phase. Get to work, do your best to avoid distractions, and bide your time. It’s to your advantage. August might simply be the best time to take a vacation.

Monthly Chinese Horoscope