Tiger Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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This is a stellar month for your close personal relationships. The lunar eclipse brings things to light, among them a need to keep life in balance. Take time for relaxing and enjoying pleasant moments. The time spent is just as important as career efforts.

If you’re looking for love, why hurry things when a long-lasting relationship is very possible?

Professionally, while they say Rats love competition, some battles could get old between now and the end of the year. The solar eclipse acts as an undercurrent through the remainder of the year. You may encounter more than your share of challenges in close circles and with closed-minded people who try to narrow your world by setting up blocks. The antidote is to keep at it no matter what, because you draw good fortune toward you. An observing mind (that would be yours) can find a way beyond any impasse. Yes, you also have helpful people on your side.

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