Tiger Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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You're quite charismatic this month, Rat native, and you might be doing some public speaking. You are wowing the audience. The water Dragon month begins on April 4, and your creative mind is buzzing with new ideas. You have the ability to synthesize several different concepts into something that's new (and Rat natives love coming up with innovative ideas). You might want to patent your idea or trademark the concept.

The new moon is on the eleventh, and your confidence is high. You know exactly what to do and have the skills you need to do it. Other people will step up to be available for bouncing around ideas, partnerships, or collaborations. This is a good time to launch your own business (especially a service business or consulting firm) or debut your music or other creative work.

The full moon is on April 26, and there is some steamy, sexy energy for Rat natives. If you're in a love relationship, make sure you put some private time in your schedule. If you're looking for love, it's easy now to find someone with whom you have good chemistry even though the relationship may not be a long-term one.

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