Tiger Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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The joy of freedom is the theme during a five-star month for close personal relationships. The timing is perfect to creatively pencil in times to do things over and above those you always have to do day after day. It’s magic for relationships.

The idea also works if you’re looking for love this month. For example, spontaneity is the mental nudge that whispers, “You haven’t been to the middle aisle in the grocery store recently.” Maybe there’s someone interesting to meet or a big sale on exotic spices. Either would be good, and both can be an adventurous experience. Yes, you can and should plan to be spontaneous.

Professional partnerships are helpful in the 30 days that follow the September 28 new moon phase. You can work your way out of problems with action in what turn out to be useful pairings of creative thinkers, the majority of whom are team players now.

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