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White metal Rat comes into its own on January 25, 2020. Of course, many have the best memories of the past period. But now there is an opportunity to take up the construction of another life, to strive for new achievements in work and love, material well-being. Horoscope for 2020 advises not to waste time on trifles and immediately make plans for the next 11 years. After all, the Rat is the first sign in the eastern horoscope and it is from it that the new cycle of the Chinese calendar begins. Although, to call this animal kind, compliant and easy to lift would be rash. On the contrary, it will be quite difficult to adjust to its fast rhythm.

Metal white rat — a symbol of the new 2020. It symbolizes determination, perseverance, high intelligence and intuition. This characteristic helps to achieve results and victories in professional endeavors and personal life. This is a strong and fair animal, although it can sometimes behave slyly. 2020 promises to be stable. Year of the Rat will bring bright changes in different areas, as well as increase positive energy and solve material problems. Conflict situations and internal contradictions will be left behind. Many will be able to strengthen family ties, create a family and acquire offspring. Will be able to establish family ties and strengthen family relationships.

The Year of the White Metal Rat will not allow to overstay a place that has already become unpromising. It is necessary to radically change everything related to work, personal life and finances. Only sane and persevering natures on the shoulder will prove difficult tasks. After all, they need to be solved quickly, clearly and without errors. It is not advisable to go into the past, to despair and despair. Even if the situations seem deadlocked. The new 2020 is a time of careful deliberation, concrete conclusions and a philosophical approach in life. If you behave frivolously and shamelessly, you can get into trouble and a crisis situation. There is a chance to show talent, charisma and sweep away all the obstacles from your dear. But this will require not only will, but also patience. It will be especially successful for those who are not afraid of innovations, changes and vigorous actions. It should all be analyzed and made conclusions to confidently move forward.

The main aspects of 2020 are optimistic and self-development. Success is on the side of those who bring it closer, and do not doubt their abilities and accumulated experience. For career advancement there are plenty of opportunities that need to be rapidly introduced into new projects. Those who decide to open their business should not refuse to get lucrative offers, learn and hone their skills. Horoscope for 2020 does not advise to take on all things at once. The result is sure to be only with careful attention to financial and professional issues. The White Rat is a calculating and conceited animal. But everything self-serving and dishonest is sickening to her, therefore it is better to abandon adventures and insane risk. In the new 2020, you should not use other people to achieve personal goals.

Many secrets will be revealed, therefore, note any intricacies and secrets aside. If you take up work with joy and zeal, the achievements will be ambitious. Especially lucky for those who are by nature extraordinary and insightful. One should not lose optimism in emergency situations, and all the trials of fate should be passed with his head held high. Horoscope 2020 White Metal Rat advises to be more demanding on themselves, and not on others. Respect colleagues, and argue less with the director. Entrepreneurs can hope for a good profit, as well as promising business connections. Profitable deals and contracts are not excluded, but for this you should be harder and more often turn to your own knowledge.

The horoscope for 2020 promises improvements in the commercial field, finance and household. Family people will move to another city or country for permanent residence. Perfect adaptation will take place, both to climatic conditions, and new people. You should not hesitate to make important decisions, otherwise many things will stall. Everything should be planned, more often to rest and assess the situation by the standards that you used earlier. The main thing is to know exactly what you want from life. Any misconceptions and doubts will lead to failure.

Career and business

The enterprising and practical White Rat is waiting for activity and determination from his subordinates. The heavenly sovereign knows how to be generous, but, as a rule, her generosity applies only to those who deserve it. In order to achieve career advancement, in 2020 we will have to work hard. And over character too. The rat will force us to repeatedly step over our fears, to agree on unusual tasks, to learn something new. But what exactly should not be done is to step over other people, ignore the opinions of others and act too forcefully.

Not welcome White Rat and unnecessary risk. She has a quick response, but she also has prudence and even some fear of decision making. Therefore, in 2020 businessmen are also advised to beware of unreasoned steps and to be careful when choosing partners. And although the above will slightly weaken the business acumen, this is not a reason to abandon the dream. After all, in return, the Metal Rat gives the ability to quickly adapt to changes, confidently convey their thoughts to the interlocutor and quickly learn new skills.

With the observance of all rules and sufficient persistence in 2020, the stars will allow to reach any peaks. However, one should not expect too much from the Year of the White Rat. It is given to us for backlog, for setting problems and finding possible solutions. And if, contrary to the aspirations and sacrifices, by the end of the year you do not get what you want, do not be discouraged: you will take yours next year.

Financial horoscope

The rat is a walking calculator. It is thrifty to the smallest and therefore rarely needs. For the sake of earnings, she is ready to sacrifice any personal interests. Therefore, the horoscope is sure that in 2020 the majority will forget about romance and hobbies for the sake of obtaining additional profit. Due to this, by the end of the year, many in stock will have a solid “financial pillow”, which can be useful both in a difficult situation and for making some serious purchases. In the year of the Rat, many will expand their "nests" or make them more comfortable. You can afford to spend money on new furniture.

Where will the extra money come from? Everyone decides for himself. Someone will successfully invest their savings and will receive good dividends, someone will increase in the middle of the year, and someone will find an excellent part-time job. The aggravated sixth sense helps businessmen to understand in which direction to develop the company and where to look for the most profitable clients. And yet, the greatest financial success in 2020 was achieved by representatives of those professions that require a strategic mindset and some sensitivity. A naturally developed intuition will tell you the right path to wealth, and a properly chosen strategy will help you go this route with maximum benefit.

Be wary of sudden spending! The horoscope says that the Rat is stingy and stingy, that she can even refuse herself in pleasant trifles. But sometimes it breaks down and gives in to desire to lower a lot of money for any nonsense. Try to hold back the impulses and think before you buy if you really need these things.

As mentioned above, the White Metal Rat does not like risk, so it will not support players and adventurers. So do not count on winning the lottery or easy earnings. The horoscope is convinced that any openly risky projects in 2020 will be a source of increased danger. Chances are good that you not only do not earn on them, but even lose your hard-earned money.

Despite the fact that the Rat categorically does not support fraudsters and liars, there will be a lot of cheaters in 2020. Therefore, do not open yourself to strangers and carefully lend money.

Love and relationships

The fact that the Rat attaches great importance to the material side of life does not mean that it is not capable of real feelings. On the contrary, the outwardly calm and cold Rat deep in the soul can suffer greatly from loneliness. She yearns for love, support, family. Although sometimes she is not ready to give your loved one as much attention as he deserves. So, the Rat will always tear its wards away from romance in order to entice with work, new projects and other issues that are badly compatible with love. And everyone will have to decide for himself whether he is ready to sacrifice the existing relationship or not.

On this basis in families there will be disagreements and quarrels. It is important to somehow find a middle ground so that work and personal life are always in balance. And yet, according to the horoscope, in 2020 many of the established couples will disintegrate. Perhaps this is for the better. After all, if the relationship did not stand the test, then, most likely, there was no point in developing or simply supporting them. Those relationships that survive after this test, only strengthened. Mutual trust and respect will make the connection even closer and more expensive. In order not to destroy this fragile idyll, do not get carried away with criticism and restrain your directness.

Since in the year of the Rat life will be in full swing, free people will meet many interesting personalities. And probably among them they will manage to find a suitable pair. Charm the chosen one will help a developed sense and desire for disinterested acts. And also the White Rat will teach us to preserve a certain mystery and, if necessary, adapt to the character of the partner.

Just do not think that love in 2020 should fade into the background. Yes, the year will be intense, but relationships are needed to serve as an outlet in the midst of endless problems. Only with a loved one can you be yourself, fully open to him, talk about what worries. Therefore, to refuse love in order to reach even higher peaks, in the opinion of the horoscope, is simply stupid.

So, 2020 will be a difficult period for both free and family people. But do not forget that we live only once, so postponing personal interests for later is a crime. Live here and now!

Family and Children

Family life in 2020 can turn into a situation in which everyone wants attention and understanding, but no one cares about their neighbors. And everyone pulls the blanket over himself. Try not to allow this. Even during the trawl find time for loved ones. An excellent reason for rapprochement can be a joint hobby, which will seem interesting both for adults and children. For example, country picnics on weekends or regular evening walks. It would be nice to periodically go to nature with a fire and a tent. In a pinch, you can make a family tradition reading books before bedtime.

The mistress of the year loves everyone to refuel themselves and alone, because attempts to organize the coordinated work of family members will often encounter serious obstacles. Everyone defends his opinion, wants to lead, tell the others what to do and how. In general, the situation will be very, very tense and ambiguous. Remember that individual work is good outside the home, and commonality is important in the family. Someone will have to give up. According to the horoscope, the White Rat encourages the birth of children and selfless caring for the offspring, with the result that in 2020 many families will have long-awaited babies. So prepare the diapers and baby's sleeves, and also send telegrams to the grandmothers: soon they will have a job.

The house in 2020 will be the main refuge for each of us. It is important that this refuge was beautiful, warm and cozy. No creaking doors or dripping taps should not interfere with the enjoyment of peace and quiet. Therefore, from the very beginning of the year, the horoscope advises to engage in home improvement and minor repairs. And if you wish, you can wipe on capital works and redevelopment.

For many, the year 2020 will be associated with a change of residence. Possible as a move within one city, and relocation to another locality. Well, the Rat is not against such changes, therefore, under its beginning, the move will pass easily and even give a lot of positive emotions. Do not be sad if you lose some things when moving. Soon, fate will return everything to you with interest.

Health and Sport

The year 2020 promises to be very rich, rich in opportunities and events. To the maximum, these chances can be used only by those who manage to maintain high activity for 12 months, run ahead of the rest of the planet, grab luck on the fly. This will require composure, patience and the ability to quickly cope with emotions and fatigue. And this is not for everyone.

So, the White Metal Rat from birth is distinguished by good health and tremendous endurance, therefore at the beginning of the year everyone will be full of vitality and optimism. However, by the beginning of spring the energy potential would be pretty exhausted, which is why the Rat wards will begin to get depressed, avoid society and spend all their free time at home, wrapped in a soft blanket. High likelihood of colds, irritability, insomnia.

The second difficult period will begin in late May - early June. Spring avitaminosis will begin to affect well-being. And if you do not fight him, he will have a negative impact on performance, speed of reaction and learning. Therefore, fresh fruits and pharmaceutical vitamins in the spring should be present in the diet without fail.

In the summer horoscope asks everyone to be more careful with physical exertion. High risk of injury. Everywhere observe safety precautions, especially when it comes to working with power tools. The source of additional hassle will be numerous relatives with their problems and bickering. Try to help, but at the same time keep neutrality, otherwise you will have to reflect dissatisfaction in your address until the end of the year.

By the fall of the stock of forces will begin to come to an end again. Against this background, chronic diseases can be exacerbated. Again relevant are sleep problems, depression, apathy. Possible migraines, heart ailments. A good charge of cheerfulness and good mood, which is enough for several months, will give a vacation. Ideally, it’s worth spending with your beloved ones. This will help not only to spend more time with dear people, but also to improve family relationships.

According to the horoscope, the situation in the house will have a major impact on health in 2020. Let your home become a reliable berth and protection from all ills. Fill it with warmth and comfort, take care of the household and as rarely as possible bring home unfamiliar people. This is your personal space, and do not spoil its fragile energy with the dubious aura of random guests.

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