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A hardworking, honest and fair Dog will achieve in 2020 everything she dreamed of. And let her have to make maximum efforts and accept help from close people, which she doesn’t really like, she will still be pleased. Financial success, rapid career growth, good health and a positive atmosphere at home will help the Dog to get out of the depression that began in 2019.

Horoscope 2020 for Dogs

In the winter and early spring in your soul there will be no confidence in success. This applies to absolutely all life spheres. But the Rat — the patroness of 2020 — is friendly towards the representatives of this sign. She will support in any undertakings, lift your spirits and point out the shortest way to achieve goals. In spite of your pessimistic mood, circumstances will be best for you.

Success will not come immediately, but only at the end of spring. The reason for this lies in the oppressive state of mind Dogs. She will never be able to believe in herself and her strength. Even small victories, from which the great triumph will begin, will not be able to bring the Dog into a favorable mood. Only in April-May, when success will be obvious, does she confidently stand on all four paws.

2020 is a good start for stability and success over the next few years. The results you achieve this year will be the key to long-term well-being. Before you set global goals, consider this and carefully consider all possible options. Remember that you can always count on the help of the patroness of the year.

Love and family

Love victories, dates and romance will be for Dogs in 2020 the second number. She will not be too concerned about affairs on the love front, since she believes that success in other areas of life is more important this year. And this is the right strategy — a caring Rat will do everything herself. She will provide her old friend Dog the warm atmosphere in love, because she does not want to spoil the mood, distracting her from more important matters.

Venus in an upright position, too, will try to enrich the personal life of the Dogs with happy events, bright emotions and pleasant impressions. Although the Dog will not notice this, but the help of the Rat and the planets will come in handy. After all, stability, good relationships with relatives and life partner will be for her one of the incentives for new achievements in the business sphere.

If you are planning a romantic trip with a partner, the stars recommend to go on the road no earlier than August. It was then that your affairs at work finally get better, and the blues will be replaced by a good mood. During the trip, try to pay more attention to your partner. Show affection and care, because the chosen one is so lacking in your tenderness. He understands everything and does not distract you from important work cases, be grateful for his understanding.


In the first half of the year, the breakdown and pessimistic mood due to past mistakes and failures will cause instability of well-being. Headache and muscle aches, irritability, anxiety and insomnia are possible. Your health will improve as soon as you believe in your success. Care at work will help to distract from negative thoughts. Deafening success will follow at the end of spring and will contribute to a significant improvement in well-being.

Mercury recommends that you learn to relax and put your thoughts in order. This will help to quickly pull the body out of the crisis and not expose the nervous system load. Sign up for a yoga class or try meditation. Worse will not be worse! As you know, due to the functional failures of the nervous system, other organs and systems, for example, endocrine and digestive disorders, can suffer. Their condition should also be paid close attention. It is time to get serious about your diet, you can no longer postpone it.

Career and Finance

From the first days, despite the protracted depression, the Dog will begin to deal with problems at work. After all, she is a real fighter and defender of her well-being. Of course, it will not do without periods to despair, when the hands will fall, and the desire to continue the struggle for a place under the sun will not remain. But this stuff! An industrious Dog will be able to bring matters back to normal in a relatively short time.

The rat saved your way from obstacles to the accumulation of material resources in 2020. You will see a mass of doors, passing through which you will not only improve your financial situation, but also learn how to invest profitably. You only need diligence and determination. The stars say that you should not abandon the idea of ​​a new project. This is a good time to start it.

Horoscope 2020 for a Dog Woman

Throughout the year, you will feel that the Higher Forces are on your side. Fortune smiles at you, despite the small obstacles, and it will inspire hard work and future victories. In addition to the favor of the authorities, kind and respectful attitude of colleagues, at work you are waiting for love intrigue. However, you will find a service romance not only superfluous, but also unacceptable.

You will attract many admirers to yourself thanks to a positive attitude, gorgeous appearance and glitter in your eyes. Although the love relationship will be far from the first place in 2020, one of the fans will still be able to win your heart. A man will be gallant, persistent and enterprising that women-Dogs like so much. With a favorable development of events closer to the fall, you will begin to think about creating a family and conceiving a child.

Business owners will have to spin like a squirrel in a wheel. But the reward for such zeal will be great. Entrepreneurial activity will bring unprecedented incomes, which you can successfully invest next year. Planets recommend investing in already developed enterprises associated with the trade or production of goods. In 2020 is lucky for Dog-women who are engaged in creativity. They will not leave the inspiration that will allow you to create true masterpieces of art.

Horoscope 2020 for a Dogs Man

This year you will simply fall in love with your work. Energetic and communicative, as well as natural commercial vein will allow you to achieve incredible financial success and climb a few steps leading to the career peak. At the end of the year, do not forget to thank your relatives, colleagues, second half and friends for their help and support.

Free Dog-men will be able to find a life partner by meeting her among colleagues or business partners. Relations will not start immediately. First, there will be sympathy and friendship, and only then will feelings arise. The horoscope predicts that such a union will be very successful both spiritually and physically, and even intellectually.

Analyzing the success of 2020, try to compare them with your future plans. This will help you gain acceleration, moving up the career ladder and strengthening the financial situation. Consult with your life partner often — she is able to accurately indicate to you your mistakes and shortcomings.

2020 Chinese Horoscope