Dragon 2020 Chinese Horoscope

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Dragons in 2020 will be able to exhale. Stability and tranquility will come in all walks of life. Rat will help take advantage of the benefits to which you have sought in the past years. So that the situation at work and at home remains favorable throughout the year, the Dragon should not try to change its position radically. This applies to all areas except love.

Horoscope 2020 for Dragons

The key to an interesting and colorful life is the ability to make the right decisions in a relationship with a partner. After all, your peace of mind will largely depend on the microclimate in the love nest. The planet Venus will make you more sensitive, jealous, passionate and susceptible to any changes on the love front.

All the planets that pass along the lines of the horoscope of the Dragon, during the year will be in a straight position. This will leave experiences in the past without worrying about finances, career or health. With due diligence, the Dragon can improve his life, but he is unlikely to want to harness himself again in the eternal race for happiness. Stars also recommends the Dragon to rest, to gain strength by next year.

Only summer and autumn months promise to be a turning point, because during these periods there is a high probability of a fateful meeting with a person who will later become relatives and friends. In 2020, the Dragon may begin to annoy the obsession of people from its immediate environment. Some friends will become envious when they see your progress. But they will not be able to harm you.

Love and family

“Heartfelt, passion and a little piquancy” — this will be the year 2020. Increasing sexual energy will allow the Dragon to enjoy love victories. The quivering romantic adventures will leave a deep imprint in the soul. With the partner, an invisible strong bond is formed, which will serve as a guarantee of a long and happy union.

Lonely Dragons mistress of the year will help to discern in a crowd of fans of a man who is ideal for creating strong relationships, and later the family. Interestingly, during 2020, the Dragon will meet people with extremely positive qualities and sincere intentions. The catch that you sometimes look for in the behavior of potential elects will have nothing to do with the actual state of affairs.

Family Dragons will take heart, stop paying attention to the minor trifles, because of which they had previously come to despair. The second half will appreciate such efforts and will try to comply, showing care and tenderness. Finally, an atmosphere of goodness and happiness will reign in the family. Children will delight the Dragon with gifts and unexpected surprises. Some representatives of this sign will seriously think about adding to the family.


The state of health of the Dragon in 2020 will remain normal. Even with increased employment at work, you will not feel tired or unwell. The work will bring generous benefits in the form of a stable and very decent profit, and therefore the mood will be at its best, and the decline of strength will not follow. Management and colleagues will be amazed at your ability to work, which will help strengthen your credibility.

Since in the last days of the year, Mercury and Venus in your horoscope will become retrograde, the horoscope recommends that you take care of your own health in advance. Indeed, in addition to the areas of love and career, Venus affects the autonomic nervous system, and Mercury is responsible for thermoregulation and metabolic processes.

In the second half of the year, do not overstretch the body. Learn to relax, walk more and go to fresh air. It’s time to go in for sports and pick up vitamins. But if you do not have enough strength to make yourself move, then at least start with nutrition. Healthy food will add energy and fuel for motivation.

Career and Finance

In the Year of the Rat, when there will be a manifestation of resourcefulness, creativity and ingenuity in honor, many interesting ideas will start visiting you. You will develop a plan to improve workflows and accelerate your own career advancement. Colleagues to whom you previously came to help will not be in debt. They will point the right direction in addressing important issues and give valuable advice.

Support and care from colleagues will look like paternal care. Your affairs will abruptly go up the hill. But do not abuse the help of others where you can easily cope on their own. Indeed, at the beginning of next year, when Uranus changes its position and starts moving in the opposite direction, the attitude of colleagues may change dramatically. Some of them will envy you in their souls and will want to assign themselves laurels for their brilliantly done work.

Successes at work will allow you to become even more financially independent. The amount of money that can be accumulated by the middle of the year, the stars recommend investing in a profitable enterprise. Fear of fraud on the part of business partners and the people with whom you will encounter in the process of investment, not worth it. All of them will be decent and fair.

Horoscope 2020 for a Dragon Woman

For many women born in the year of the Dragon, the Rat will provide an opportunity to get acquainted with a very influential and wealthy man. What will be the consequences of such dating, it is up to you to decide. But the new acquaintance will be delighted with your beauty, refinement, wealth of the inner world and sexual attractiveness. Of course, a man wishes to be more than just your friend.

Whether to remain with an influential gentleman, good friends, or to accept his courtship favorably is your will. Venus provides an opportunity to feel the candidate for the role of a life partner in the heart. Drop logical reflections aside. After all, your intuition in 2020 is sharpened to the limit, so you will be able to see with your heart the true intentions of the boyfriend and see if it suits you.

Ladies who are planning to formalize the relationship with a partner, waiting for a profitable in all respects marriage, which will reign love and understanding. And those who are free or do not wish to tie themselves to marriage or a serious relationship, expect a lot of romantic adventures. Especially in April, June and November.

Horoscope 2020 for a Dragon Man

Favorable development of relations with the beloved will inspire the Dragon men to create a family. The best time to offer a hand and heart is the beginning of autumn. To keep the mood bright before the wedding and after it, it is important not to put your financial well-being in the first place. Foremost in a relationship should always be feelings and mutual understanding.

Free Dragon men will be able to charm all the ladies in their surroundings. Your charm and gallantry will amaze and amaze. No wonder that many women, including colleagues, come to get your favor. Turbulent short-term novels will increase self-esteem and help you feel like a winner.

But flirt in personal life is not worth it. Remember that in 2020, the Rat will give you the ability to fully capture female hearts. Do not forget that by your actions you can hurt tender girlish souls. Honesty, unselfishness and the ability to sympathize will play a decisive role in relations with the fans. You will meet the chosen one with the same traits of character.

2020 Chinese Horoscope