Monkey 2020 Chinese Horoscope

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2020 for the Monkey will be turning. Patroness of the year — Rat — will help to radically change the fate. Most of the planets in your horoscope will be in a straight position, so you will feel support in any ideas and undertakings. Life will be filled with joyful events, but not every Monkey will be fully prepared for such a dramatic change.

Horoscope 2020 for Monkeys

Throughout the year, the Monkey must keep a balance in all walks of life. Global changes will contribute to a change in worldview, will help to understand and accept other truths, values ​​will change. Everything that was customary for the Monkey before the beginning of this year will be alien to it, and even meaningless.

Spontaneous life events will force the Monkey to change with the speed of sound. She will learn to adapt to new circumstances. Career, on the development of which there is almost no hope left, will go sharply up the hill. In this connection, the financial situation will also change. New business partners will offer the creation of quite specific projects, but do not worry — the investment will turn into a good profit.

It makes no sense to resist the dramatic changes in life, because as a result you will be able to lay a stone of stability for the next 12 years. The successful love triangle of Saturn, Venus and Mercury speaks about the inevitability of change for the better. The monkeys that will fight with reality can be left without proper support by the mistress of the year.

Love and family

Inconsistency and variability — these words most accurately describe Monkey's personal life in 2020. Family people of the planet have prepared numerous gifts, but not always pleasant ones. Partners whose relations in previous years have cracked and threatened to come to naught, can finally deteriorate. Do not worry, the gap will only benefit both parties.

In the same families where idyll has always reigned, the relations between the partners will be further strengthened and will become a model of family happiness. If you are just planning to marry or conceive a child, then proceed: 2020 is a good time for this.

Free Monkeys and those who have completed destructive relationships, fate will bestow many happy meetings with potential companions of life. Your rich personal life will be painted in all the colors of the rainbow. Many Monkeys will be able to choose a decent partner. Venus advises paying special attention to the nature of the potential satellite. If you have noted pliability, openness, gentleness, sentimentality — this is a sure sign that you are on the right track.


Perhaps, this is the only sphere of life in which global changes taking place in the Monkey's fate will hardly follow. The location of the planets indicates the stability of the state of health. However, in the worst development of life scenarios, Monkeys may begin to be disturbed by illnesses that did not give rest before. This will be due to mistakes that you made in the past.

Health is not an area to joke with. In 2020, it is important not only not to aggravate one's condition, but also not to acquire new diseases. If the deterioration of health still follows, it is necessary to take timely measures, not letting the disease spontaneously.

The most vulnerable in 2020, the monkey's body systems will be endocrine, nervous, digestive, urinary and reproductive. As you can see, the list is impressive, so the Monkey has to be extremely careful. Cultivate a love of regular rest and sport. Not superfluous will be taking immunomodulators and vitamin complexes (and, if necessary, sedatives). About healthy eating you can not write — he needs to follow, as the 10 commandments.

Career and Finance

This year, the Monkey will finally understand the true essence of its mission, drastically changing its fate. Those who do not attend such a revelation, the mistress of the year will still send on the right path. On this occasion, stubborn Monkey can be capricious and even show aggression. Dissatisfaction will be replaced by gratitude when she realizes that with her own hands she almost ruined her happiness.

If the Monkey acts according to the prevailing circumstances and thinks rationally, it will succeed. Yes, there will be obstacles, but not those that are able to force the Monkey to act imprudently. New and former business partners will help the Monkey to adapt to specific circumstances and grasp the essence of the impending change.

Horoscope 2020 for a Monkey Woman

Coquettish Monkey waiting for sharp turns of fate. And no matter how she wants to preserve the self-erected “little world,” in the spring, the Monkey will forget about its self-sufficiency and independence. Romantic adventures and fleeting beautiful romance will turn the head. The abundance of fans will increase self-esteem and revise the attitude to his own person.

The ease and ability to skillfully flirt, presenting themselves with the best hand, will help Monkeys women to get used to the new role of the lady temptress. From her powerful sexual energy does not hide a single man. And even those who previously did not pay any attention to the Monkey, will begin to consider it as a possible life partner. It remains only to choose from fans the most worthy candidate.

Implacable battles, full of tears and recriminations, await the Monkey women, who for a long time planned to part with their current elects. The second half does not want to let you go just like that. But you, feeling that the wind of change is blowing into your sails, you will be inexorable in your decisions. This behavior will be approved by Venus, the hostess of the year, and the stars.

Horoscope 2020 for a Monkey Man

In 2020, it is important for Monkey men to correctly use the opportunities that fate will provide them. This is especially true of monetary issues and situations in the field of career. In order not to provoke worsening of cases, more often take the initiative — the Rat does not like passivity.

If you have to invest personal finances, it is better not to make hasty decisions alone. It is advisable to listen to the advice of trusted business partners and competent persons whom you fully trust. And after that make a decision. With this approach, all contributions promise by the end of the year to spill on you in the "rain of money." Also observe moderation in spending and clearly distribute the budget.

2020 Chinese Horoscope