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The patroness of the year favors the strong, courageous and sociable people like the Oxen, so in 2020 they can safely count on the support of the Rat. The cause of the problems can only be such qualities as carelessness, laziness and indifference. Unfortunately, the Ox is prone to let things take their course, likes to indulge in idle fun. The mistress of the year will not tolerate such an attitude towards fate and can easily punish the Ox for inappropriate behavior.

Horoscope 2020 for Oxen

A rat will open up great prospects in front of you and allow you to lure Mrs. luck. The year will be a turning point, marking a comfortable and happy life. Numerous opportunities will appear almost daily. It is important not to miss them and be able to competently implement. This will help you qualities such as agility, courage, resourcefulness, determination.

The desire to streamline everything and lead to a common denominator will only interfere with the fulfillment of desires. In 2020, the Ox is recommended to individually address each issue. Laziness and hope at random, too, should not be. Indeed, the retrograde movement of Saturn, which will have a direct impact on the sphere of personal relationships, will help to meet with various kinds of fraudsters and people with criminal tendencies.

Inspired by the extraordinary success in love and in the professional field, you literally can move mountains. But the movement of the planets in your horoscope is fraught with the cunning of Venus, which for every misfire will be ready to confront you with unreliable persons. This may be marriage speculators or ordinary burglar thieves. The main concern for you is the timely identification of such individuals in your immediate environment.

Love and family

If in the previous year, battles broke out on the love front every now and then, in 2020 everything will work out in the best way. Mutual offenses will be forgotten, scandals and petty quarrels will cease, and relations will regain their former freshness. A partner with whom you intended to break off relations not so long ago, will enthusiastically start to prove your loyalty and heartfelt affection to you in every possible way. You just need to bask in his affectionate embrace.

Lonely Oxen will finally be able to meet a person with whom it will be easy, interesting and fun. A strong invisible bond will emerge between you and the new partner, which is a kind of combination of physical, intellectual and spiritual aspects. Oxen will be able to build an indestructible union, which is not afraid of either envy, nor routine, or domestic problems.

Horoscope warns about the imprudence of the Ox when communicating with casual acquaintances. Unprecedented success can turn his head, because of what he is able to lose vigilance and inadvertently reveal their plans to ill-wishers. Try to always be on the lookout for new people in your life. After all, one of them can easily be a hidden enemy.


In 2020, the health of the Ox will be canceled. Old diseases and periods when unwell, will not remind of themselves. Good luck in your personal life, at work and in financial matters will contribute to the relaxation and disappearance of inner experiences. There will be confidence in the future. Moreover, the partner will become a real support, will support and help in everything as far as possible.

However, the stars and the mistress of the year may be angry at the Ox because of his carelessness in dealing with suspicious people. Sometimes the conclusions will be so obvious that it will be very difficult not to notice the trick. But inspired by his invincibility, the Ox will not see anything strange in the actions of new friends. The planet Venus warns of such fatal accidents, which during the second half of the year will be on the line of the horoscope of the Ox in a retrograde position.

These accidents can cost the Ox dearly in terms of health. And although no other losses will follow, the Ox will not be able to keep his emotional state normal. Psychological experiences and stress can lead to a deterioration of health and exacerbation of chronic pathologies. It is important to take measures in time: to undergo a course of taking medications with a slight sedative effect, or to get an appointment with a specialist of the appropriate qualification.

Career and Finance

Jupiter, which in the first half of the year will be in the sector of your horoscope, will move forward. This means that you can count on success. Even the most difficult working issues will be resolved without difficulty. But beware of envious colleagues. The intrigues of enemies can exacerbate the situation in the team. You need to behave prudently and not fall for the tricks of detractors.

Those who plan to change jobs, will get a great chance to do new exciting business, which will be much more interesting than past activities. But in the new team should be alert. Enemies can appear here. In order not to increase the likelihood of problems arising due to the cunning of his envious colleagues, the Ox is recommended to gossip less and discuss his current affairs.

Deafening success awaits those Oxen, who are entrepreneurs, have their own business or are going to organize it. Small problems that may occur in connection with the decision of organizational issues, you can easily fix. Thanks to the help of the Rat, you will be able to overcome any difficulties associated not only with external factors, but also with internal professional contradictions.

Horoscope 2020 for a Ox Woman

Already at the beginning of the year you will be able to solve all the problems at work. The most acute of them can leave a residue of bitterness on the soul. But he soon dissolves without a trace. Relations with colleagues will improve. It is likely that the manual will entrust you with the execution of a responsible task, which you will successfully cope with. In 2020, many Ox women will strive for full financial independence, which they can achieve closer to summer.

In a relationship with her husband, married ladies will finally dot the i's. Of course, not without some excitement, but they will be insignificant. The idyll will be restored in the family, mutual feelings will be aggravated. Many domestic issues for Ox women, who in 2020 will rely more on their intuition, will be able to be resolved without any loss.

Ladies who are in search of their chosen one will start to look closely at male colleagues who have shown interest in them earlier. Among them can be found a worthy candidate for husbands. But the main surprise in the field of love is waiting for late summer or early autumn. The horoscope promises a fateful meeting with an ideal man for you — reliable, caring and attractive in appearance.

Horoscope 2020 for a Ox Man

The dizzying success in the professional field and the large profits looming on the horizon will “blind” the male Oxen. They will so believe in the inviolability of their luck that they simply lose elementary vigilance. This can take advantage of envious — colleagues or false friends. In the first case, the enemies will want to assign themselves your laurels and take your place in the sun. In the second case, they will wish to enter the sphere of your business interests or become your partners and, having deceived trust, to cash in.

Such a "blinded" state of male Oxen will also affect their personal lives. The horoscope warns of a possible meeting with beautiful women who will turn their heads to carry out their criminal plans. In 2020, it is important for a male Ox to be as observant and careful as possible in dealing with ladies, especially with those who take the initiative.

Problems that may start due to carelessness will affect your emotional state. By nature, the Oxen injured in the soul will acutely experience failures, experiencing mental discomfort. This may well lead to a protracted depression. In this case, it is not recommended to engage in self-treatment, it is better to ask for help from a psychologist or psychotherapist.

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