Pig 2020 Chinese Horoscope

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2020 will be a happy year for the Pig in all respects. Storm clouds will go far beyond the horizon, and they will be replaced by a bright sun. Past troubles completely dissolve. Everything that bothered us last year will seem completely insignificant. The patroness of the year will take care of the happiness of the year of the Pig's Trust, help them to improve their personal lives, improve their health, improve their financial affairs and move up the career ladder.

Horoscope 2020 for Pigs

Unpredictable and slightly windy Pig from the very first days of the year will take up the mind, starting to build ambitious plans. And let not all of them come to life, but most of them can still be realized. Hindrance on the path to a happy life is not expected. After all, all the planets in the horoscope Pigs have a favorable position, and during the year will move exclusively in the right direction.

Pig will want to change their lifestyle, becoming more reasonable and serious. Idle fun will be forgotten, and careless behavior will be a thing of the past. Many of those who turned away from the Pig in 2019 because of her senseless actions will again be imbued with trust and respect. After all, people are judged by deeds! And the Pig in 2020 will make a lot of good and noble deeds.

Thanks to a serious approach to solving life issues, the Pig will be able to get into the field of vision of influential entrepreneurs. In the near future, there may be tempting offers of partnership. To agree or not is up to you. If you agree to cooperate, you will be able to earn decent money, and in case of refusal, you will not lose anything, since you will still find profit.

Love and family

In 2020, the pig is unlikely to escape from the attention of many fans. Life will be filled with bright emotions and become a real romantic tale. Fate is preparing dating with worthy candidates for the role of the second half. Therefore, free Pigs have good chances to find my betrothed, and by the end of the year they can have a family and even conceive a child.

Pigs that are married or have a regular partner will never regret their choice. A life partner will demonstrate the depth of his feelings, show attentiveness, care and affection. From the influx of positive feelings, the Pig can lose a sense of reality and forget for a while that he, too, should at least occasionally show his feelings to his chosen one. But this will not cause quarrels or offenses. The family will establish an atmosphere of complete peace and tranquility.

Only minor misunderstandings and annoying mistakes can upset the Pig on the love front in 2020. There is a chance to meet with a decent person who will like it at first sight. Dreamy and often soaring in the clouds Pig can forget that you need to present yourself properly. Such behavior may be regarded by the potential second half as indifference and will hasten to retire. In order not to make a mistake, try not to lose composure and always be on top.


Thanks to the excellent state of health and great mood, the Pig, who is not deprived of natural health, will be able to achieve incredible success. The mistress of the year remembers the good deeds and the perfect order in which the Pig gave her possessions. The rat will try to thank her with good health and a powerful surge of vitality.

As far as solving small problems at home and at work, the Pig's well-being will only improve. Every positively resolved issue will cause a rise in mood. In 2020, the appearance of the Pig will also improve. Dermatological problems, which were present earlier, will self-eliminate due to the normalization of the mental state and restoration of the nervous system. Those who suffer from chronic diseases, can expect a speedy recovery in 2020.

Uranus will envelop Pig with an inviolability area, which will make it almost 100% immune to diseases and ailments. However, self-care never hurts, even if you feel great. In order to prevent the development of diseases in the following years, the Pig should have a good rest in the summer in order to gain strength.

Career and Finance

Helpful, gallant and scrupulous to trifles The pig will occupy a worthy niche in business. Congenital qualities will help to achieve success in work: impartiality, friendliness and ability to empathize. Colleagues will be delighted with you. Everyone will want to consult with you, taking over some experience and skills. Do not refuse to help others, who over the next years will become your loyal comrades and like-minded people.

In relations with business partners, former confidence will be restored. After a month or two, looking at the achievements of the Pig, no one will remember her irresponsible attitude to work last year. Surrounding instinctively will reach for you, feeling your desire to help everyone. Honesty and generosity towards colleagues will make you a real leader of the team.

Due to diligence and cardinal changes in worldview, the Pig will start working for two, or even three. Such zeal will not remain unnoticed by the authorities, and by the middle of the year you may be promoted to a leading position or promoted. Financial flows will flow into your pockets from all sides. You only need to make a competent investment.

Horoscope 2020 for a Pig Woman

Life will be painted with all the colors of the rainbow. There is a place for fun and romantic adventures, passionate declarations of love, and even a new hobby. Many representatives of this sign will have a new hobby associated with an old dream. Those who dreamed of traveling will be able to travel to distant exotic countries. And those who are always attracted to art, will be able to show and fully realize their creative potential.

A mad wave of love will cover women Pigs who have been lonely for a long time. They are finally lucky enough to meet an educated, intelligent, decent and polite man. It is about such a life partner that the Pig dreams. Insidious Venus, which, although it will be in the correct position, can catch the Pig by surprise. No, no serious problems will follow, but because of your carelessness and reverie, you can give the cavalier not enough attention and miss him forever.

In matters of career development you will be lucky. Anyone who can at least in some ways assist in your promotion will be happy to give good advice and offer disinterested help. Be able to mentally thank such people. And not only because they will be useful for you in the future, but also for the reason that they acted nobly towards you.

Horoscope 2020 for a Pig Man

Desperate attempts to improve life, arrange a personal life, get rid of problems at work and pay off debts were unsuccessful in 2019. But in 2020, the Rat will give you the opportunity not only to solve these problems, but also to accumulate an impressive amount, which will be the starting capital for organizing your own profitable business. Do not be afraid to take risks, because this year the stars and planets are completely on your side.

Thanks to a positive attitude and excellent health, in the spring you may manifest hidden talents. Many male Pigs will find in themselves a commercial vein, and some — the ability to clairvoyance and the ability to read people's minds. Give the opened talents and skills due attention, try to develop them as much as possible, because in the future they will serve you well.

If in 2019 the pockets of your clothes were often full of holes, then this year they will be filled to the brim, and you are unlikely to succeed in emptying them. Try to use financial luck and make timely contributions that will serve as a good help in difficult times. If you wish, you can safely open your own business, with the support of trusted people.

2020 Chinese Horoscope