Rabbit 2020 Chinese Horoscope

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The mistress of the year will put a condition on Rabbit: to achieve success, but at the same time be extremely careful and attentive, otherwise there is a great risk of losing the most expensive. Most of the planets in the Rabbit horoscope will be retrograde throughout the year, which will significantly increase the likelihood of problems in different areas of life. To avoid them, listen to astrologers.

Horoscope 2020 for Rabbits

From February to May inclusive — the period of the most global changes and dangers for the Rabbit. He is advised to be alert and look both ways. Detractors everywhere, so you should less spread about their plans and aspirations. Even well-known people may turn out to be traitors and secret enemies who wish to appropriate their achievements to themselves.

Horoscope warns that from the enemies of Rabbit can come very dubious proposals that at first glance seem to him attractive and profitable in financial terms. In fact, there may be frauds with documents or the substitution of the main defendants in transactions by other people who have nothing to do with the matter. In March and May, Rabbit is absolutely not recommended to sign important documents. It is better, if possible, to refuse to negotiate at all.

The only thing Rabbit can count on is easy money. Despite the big risks in the business sphere, in the field of finance, no serious losses are foreseen. Although, in the worst case scenario, and this area may suffer. Enemies will not calm down until January 2021, waiting for the right moment to strike at Rabbit's well-being. So that the plans of the ill-wishers do not pretend to be in reality, you need to forget about the unconditional trust in time and time, it would seem, to your friends and acquaintances.

Love and family

Personal life in 2020, unfortunately, will not please Rabbit with peace and tranquility. Conflicts will arise between you and your partner now and then, which will be settled with great difficulty. Retrograde Venus will take up arms against Rabbit, throwing up more and more puzzles. But do not panic. This period of failure and hassle you just need to go through, if possible without heating the situation at home.

The second half will show attention, care, affection. But the attitude of the Rabbit will be spectrally opposite. He will plunge into solving work issues, which will not allow him to pay due attention to his life partner. It is a paradox, but at the same time it will seem to Rabbit that the partner, on the contrary, has lost interest in him and no longer wants to give his love. It is important to remember that such an opinion is unfounded.

Over the Rabbit, unmarried and not related to a serious relationship with a partner, in 2020, too, will be threatened in his personal life. There is no need to talk about outstanding success in love, because not a single contender for the role of a beloved will cause awe and respect in his heart. Also it is necessary to be afraid and a dirty trick from new acquaintances who can meet on the way of a sincere and trusting Rabbit.


Numerous problems at work, stagnation in moving up the career ladder, a high probability of disrupting profitable deals and deception by new acquaintances — all of this will be reflected in Rabbit's emotional state. The experiences and lack of proper support from the beloved will not pass without a trace. Headaches, bad mood, apathy, anxiety, and even depressive states are the possible consequences of an unstable situation in life.

Properly balanced diet, exercise and proper daily routine will help the Rabbit to stay in the saddle and productively wage a difficult struggle for their own well-being. The horoscope recommends not to give up, and during periods when depression will become conscious of consciousness, remember that difficulties are temporary. Practice meditation, go to the bath, talk to people nice to heart, leave for nature.

Family quarrels and the lack of mutual support and full understanding between the beloveds can aggravate the situation and worsen the well-being. If Rabbit does not pay attention to its own health, there is a risk of developing neurological diseases and pathologies of the digestive system. And then without the help of doctors can not do.

Career and Finance

Despite the fact that many planets will move along the lines of the Rabbit horoscope in the opposite direction, 2 planets will still remain in the upright position - Uranus and Saturn. It is their influence, though not strong, that will help dodge serious trouble and avoid negative consequences. Uranium will bestow a powerful intuition, to which Rabbit should be listened to throughout the year. Saturn will empower you with determination, courage and determination that will cause a burning desire to go all the way, despite the obstacles.

Many new acquaintances and almost complete change of environment in the business sphere will delight Rabbit. At first glance, the new "like-minded" seem serious, decent and reliable people. But to exult early. Among them there are detractors who try to mislead and extract their own benefit.

You should not open all your cards to dubious business partners and share every thought. Plans for important decisions taken, especially for career development, should be kept to yourself. You need to be careful even with friends who, due to circumstances, can betray. You can only trust the closest people with whom you have long-term relationships, 100 times proven in grief and joy.

Horoscope 2020 for a Rabbit Woman

Despite the warlike attitude of the retrograde planets that are in your horoscope, the mistress of the year will not give you an offense. After all, the cheerful Pig — the ruler of 2019 — left her a note asking to take care of you. Men who meet on the road in 2020 will not make them feel the expected emotions. All worthy candidates for the role of life partner will appear on the horizon only at the very end of the year.

Difficulties are also expected in the business sphere. Even business acumen, enterprise and the ability to achieve goals do not help to avoid problems, albeit minor ones. The rat will not be willing to give you to the mercy of a retrograde Jupiter, which predicts stagnation in career and finance. But, unfortunately, even the all-powerful mistress of the year can not solve all the problems. You'd better “hide your head in the sand” and not take active steps, otherwise you can aggravate the situation.

In the second half of the year, it will become a little easier, as part of the planets will change their direction and begin to move in the opposite direction, that is, straight. There will be a gap in the career, there will be new ideas about the achievement of the desired result, and the threat to meet the unreliable man who is capable of deceit and deception, will withdraw.

Horoscope 2020 for a Rabbit Man

Courage, determination, active actions and interpersonal skills are the main qualities that the Rat recommends working on. Without them, it will not be possible to swim out of the pool of problems relating to career and love. Horoscope is also recommended to pay close attention to people trying to get close to you at any cost, gaining favor and trust.

The abyss of love can swallow you up without a trace, while Venus, who is unsuccessfully located, can impose its beliefs. Act contrary to the prevailing circumstances, do not turn off the beaten track and always do the opposite, than you are advised to familiar women.

The business partners with whom you have collaborated over the past years will be tempted by your successes and prospects. Most of them are ready to make artificial problems to force you to take the side they need. In order to preserve the possibility of career growth and success in the business sphere, it is impossible to agree to such conditions.

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