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2020 for the Rats will be a happy period. Since the Rat will control the vibrations and elements of the year, her charges will be under the powerful influence of the planets. The mistress of the year will point the right way, push you to the right decisions and protect you from trouble. You will have brilliant prospects. It is only necessary to learn how to notice them and implement them correctly.

Horoscope 2020 for Rats

People of this sign throughout the year will represent a special cohort, since they belong to the representatives of the main character of the year. In some areas of life, the location of the planets in their horoscope is retrograde. This means that the higher spheres do not wish to give the Rats good luck. But they have a smart and influential intercessor — the mistress-Rat. She can easily neutralize almost any threats.

One of the surprises that the mistress of the year prepares for the Rat is the development of hidden talents and diverse skills. To move forward without turning away from the intended path, to set the most ambitious goals and achieve them at any cost, develop intuition and grow spiritually — all these aspirations will take hold of the consciousness of the Rats already at the beginning of the year. None of the undertakings threatens to become hopeless or disastrous.

To ensure a prosperous life in 2020, the Rats, by and large, and do not have to try. A patroness will do everything for them. But it is important not to piss her off, but to cajole her. To do this, you should not violate the rules established by it, the main of which is not to be lazy, when you can get a benefit, help your neighbors if possible, avoid embarking on dubious adventures and try to think positively.

Love and family

The year will be marked by unprecedented luck in love. Starting from the first days, the Rat will fall under the patronage of Venus, so until the end of the year only joyful events will take place in the love field. Single sign representatives will meet several candidates for the role of a life partner, from which you can choose the most worthy partner.

Relationship with the chosen one will develop smoothly. Surprisingly, the Rats, whose intuition will increase a hundredfold in 2020, will be able to get to know the partner well in a short time, which will push for a decision on formalizing the relationship. Family Rats will not be bored. Their already eventful personal life will be filled with joy, mutual passion and extraordinary tenderness. Misunderstandings and quarrels will remain in the past.

In relations with the spouse, a “storm” will be established. Fortunately, it will not consist of quarrels and experiences, but passionate nights of love and reverent care. You will understand exactly what your union lacked before — exquisite romance and deep intimacy. As a result, many Rats will have the opportunity to demonstrate their affection, take a fresh look at the chosen one and begin to boldly make joint plans for the future.


Perhaps this is the only area on which the hostess of the year will not be able to exert a fundamental influence. Accordingly, if it is necessary to help her wards, she will fail. The health of the Rats in 2020 is fully subject to the retrograde Neptune — the planet, which in this arrangement has a powerful destructive force. There will not be much to worry about, but health will have to be saved.

Temporary deterioration of well-being await those who are generally irresponsible to their health, arrogant in the diet, abusing alcohol-containing products and leading a sedentary lifestyle. Regular exercise — one of the three components of excellent health. Rats are recommended to go in for sports, go to the gym and / or pool, take jogs and walk.

One of the most serious threats to the health of rats in 2020 will be stress, chronic fatigue and nerve overload. In other spheres of life, problems are not foreseen, therefore, rats should not cause any concern either. But, if stressful situations take place, it is important to avoid conflicts, not take what is happening to your heart and remember the insignificance of the problems that have appeared.

Career and Finance

Year promises to be successful in material terms. The mistress of the year will help to accumulate an impressive amount of money and regularly receive a decent profit. Particular success will be accompanied by those who will not wait for the weather at the sea, and from the first days of the year will begin to act. This will allow you to make investments on favorable terms for you and to conclude successful transactions.

In matters of financial success, communication skills are important for Rats, the ability to quickly understand what their colleagues, management and business partners expect from them, as well as make the right decisions. But even if you do not become active, you still do not have to live in misery. After all, the patroness of the year considers you her favorite, she will take care of your material well-being in advance.

The rapid development of Rat's career will be due to the high confidence of colleagues and management. At work, you will be able to demonstrate your best business and professional qualities. Already from the middle of the year, the Rat can expect to receive brilliant results of his hard work.

Horoscope 2020 for a Rat Woman

Mild depression, which overcame at the end of last year, will be left behind. This year you will be positive and active, and at the end of the year you will be able to reap the benefits of your activity. You will be able to win the favor of many influential persons who, if necessary, will help both with advice and deed. There will be silence and love in love. Ladies who are looking for a chosen one will be lucky enough to meet a decent man who is likely to be a well-known colleague or business partner.

Married woman-Rats will try to strengthen and diversify their relationship with their spouse. And they will easily succeed. The husband will become even more gentle, tender and attentive. Horoscope promises complete understanding. If earlier the spouse did not accept your opinion on any global issue, then this year he will change his opinion and approve your position.

Some female Rats who have no children will finally think seriously about conceiving a child. Do not be afraid of the belligerent attitude of your partner in this regard. He will support you. The Year of the Rat is a good time for you, which it is desirable to devote to creating and arranging a family nest, as well as strengthening relationships.

Horoscope 2020 for a Rat Man

In the life of men of this sign, cardinal changes are coming for the better. First of all, your inner attitude will change, you will become more enterprising and purposeful. In matters of the heart come the long-awaited peace. Free from the marriage bonds of a male Rat will be able to meet the only one that they want to lead a crown.

Decisiveness and integrity will not become a stumbling block in relations with superiors and colleagues this year. On the contrary, everyone will be waiting for you to take the effective steps. Any new projects, even the most courageous, will end in your unconditional victory, and the competitors will lose their power.

In financial terms, you too will start to carry on a grand scale. Some enemies will turn into like-minded people. By the end of the year, you will be surrounded by people you can trust. Due to the frantic pace of life and increased activity, minor health problems may occur. To avoid them, it is necessary to alternate work with a good rest.

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