Rooster 2020 Chinese Horoscope

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Not the most successful year for representatives of this sign. The rooster will have a hard time defending his right to be happy and successful. The rat and most of the planets that will be retrograde will try to make life difficult. But caution, observation and fighting spirit will help you not only to avoid serious trouble, but also to achieve your goals.

Horoscope 2020 for Roosters

All around seemed angry and trying to knock the ground out from under their feet — such a thought would sit in my head at the wards of the sign Rooster. And for good reason! Indeed, in 2020, you are waiting for the real tests of courage, endurance, moral stability and loyalty to their ideals. Tense relationships with colleagues and relatives will take away a lot of vitality, so the rooster needs to take care of itself.

You should not count on the support of the hostess of the year, who remembers the grievances inflicted by you 12 years ago. Moderate your hot temper and try to be more loyal and flexible in dealing with life issues. Do not rush to the attack, as you used to, for every reason. Also, you should not persist in the event of conflicts with others. It is better to step aside and wait out the aggravation of the situation, remaining at one’s own opinion.

Fortune can turn to face the Rooster in 2020, but on the condition that he does not begin to butt with his opponents in small ways, and will not try to achieve what he wants at any cost. Prudent and correct behavior in 2020 will ensure the Rooster, if not a brilliant success, but a stable and relatively quiet life. And if with the help of your charisma, generosity and kindness you are able to fully build relationships with relatives and colleagues, fate will give you a pleasant surprise.

Love and family

Free Roosters will not experience a shortage of fans, but the danger lies in the fact that fate in 2020 is ready to confront them with all sorts of scammers. This may be marriage swindlers or hunters for love adventures for fun. Also likely to meet with secret enemies, who are able to pretend to be fans of well-wishers and weave intrigue behind your back.

Less information about yourself, more attention and observation is what Venus warns you about, which is one of the few planets that are in a straight position on the line of your horoscope in 2020. Mistakes made in the process of communicating with pseudo-fans, as well as indiscretions can be costly. For example, you can lose the popularity and authority that you have gained during the past years, or you can remain disappointed and with empty pockets.

Family Roosters will have to set foot on the warpath. In the house, conflicts will constantly break out and serious battles for leadership and the possibility of sole decision-making will unfold. The second half, though not planning to break off relations with you, but will seek to force you to commit rash acts. Keep yourself in hand, do not allow you to provoke and do not seek to defend their interests through scandals and aggression.


Due to the tense situation at home and at work, the rapid consumption of vital energy and, as a consequence, the collapse of the forces, neurological pathologies can develop. Exacerbations of chronic diseases are also likely. Seasonal cold and weakening of immunity are also on the list of possible causes of deterioration of health. The retrograde location of Uranus predicts the likelihood of dental problems.

A rooster, which by nature is famous for good health, in 2020, it is necessary to especially protect your body, which will become vulnerable to diseases of various kinds, including infectious ones. In order to minimize the risks of getting sick, the Roosters are advised to adhere to the correct daily routine, go to bed and wake up in time, play sports and not overload the digestive tract with heavy food.

Along the way, with Jupiter’s health-improving and fortifying procedures, which, along with Venus, will be conveniently located, advises the Rooster to stabilize any emotional background to any valuable one. As you know, shattered nerves create fertile ground for the rapid development and the most severe course of various diseases. Learn to calm down, sign up for yoga courses, if necessary, visit a psychotherapist.

Career and Finance

Terrible Saturn in a retrograde position will try to close the Rooster all the possibilities that could lead him to success. But you can still find loopholes by tilting fortune to your side. To do this, it is important not to try to stand out and at the same time at all costs to defend their point of view. It is necessary, on the contrary, to try to smooth out conflict situations with colleagues and management, and also to find the most loyal ways to solve problems.

Extreme care and caution will be necessary for the Rooster when communicating with business partners. Also, keep an eye out should be with subordinates, if you have your own business. Many business partners with whom you will face fate in 2020, will try to get their benefit, taking advantage of the fact that you are knocked out of the usual rut and remain in an unbalanced state. Check out any, even the most insignificant information that your colleagues, business partners or subordinates will provide you.

Do not wait for a year of financial stability. But hope that you will be able to negotiate with the Rat, coaxing it with the right behavior, in which there is no aggression. Perhaps then you will even be able to accumulate a certain amount, which will help you live a year without experiencing financial difficulties. Any monetary transactions should be carried out in the strictest secrecy. After all, your enemies are not asleep.

Horoscope 2020 for a Rooster Woman

The main danger in 2020 for you is the gullibility and desire to find compassion in the eyes of others. In moments of despair, you will experience a sense of hopelessness that will force you to open your soul literally in front of everyone you meet. Keep your emotions and thoughts with you. Remember that secret enemies are near. They will certainly try to acquire information that in the future will help them to obstruct.

Do not trust new fans who will assure you of their sincerity and seriousness in various ways. Many of them are interested only in minute entertainment, no more. And certainly you should not make far-reaching plans for the successful creation of strong relationships with one of these admirers. If possible, communicate with time-tested men.

At work, try to be in the shadows, without demonstrating your belligerence towards the protests of colleagues and superiors. This can put you in an uncomfortable position or it can lead to conflicts that will cause you to leave your job. Owners of their own business, it is desirable to temporarily stop business, at least until the beginning of winter, and better until February 2021.

Horoscope 2020 for a Rooster Man

During the first half of the year, the mood will be overshadowed by quarrels with the second half, which will become intractable and begin to stubborn over any, even the slightest, occasion. At home, you will not be able to rest and recuperate due to the often flaring ignites. Do not respond to attacks of companions. This will only aggravate the situation.

If you intend to maintain a relationship with a chosen one, it is better to find a place where you can fully relax after work. For example, rent an apartment or a room. If possible, consult the help of old trusted friends. Maybe one of them will take you to stay for a few months. Tensions will gradually change in June.

Do not believe the fans who want to achieve your location. Most of them will be ordinary hunters for men's wallets, especially tightly packed. Your external gloss, respectability and gallantry in communication will make such seductress pay close attention to you. Be modest, this will reduce the risk of being deceived.

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