Snake 2020 Chinese Horoscope

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From the very first days of 2020, fate will draw you into the maelstrom of events. Most of them have a beneficial effect on the development of your future life. Planets will have a positive and gentle impact on all life areas, except for financial. Patroness of the year will support in difficult times and help achieve the fulfillment of desires.

Horoscope 2020 for Snakes

During the year, the Snake may seem that everyone around her is negative and even hostile towards her. But it is rather a manifestation of suspicion. Such an impression will be due to the negative influence of Saturn retrograde, which will try to take away success in the financial field. Fortunately, this can be resisted - believe in yourself and keep moving towards your goals.

The wise Snake is cute to the far-sighted Rat, so the mistress of the year will certainly take an active part in the fate of her ward. It will strengthen the already strong character of the Snake, endowing it with such uncharacteristic qualities as openness, interpersonal skills, and obstinacy. This will help to radically change the situation at work. Among other things, you will become responsible and organized, which will certainly affect your success.

A surge of vitality will provide Snake with better health, better health and a good mood for the whole year. Thanks to this, your inner perception of the surrounding reality can change for the better. Positive thoughts will not leave even in rare seconds of sadness. Many friends and colleagues will notice and approve changes in your attitude towards your own life.

Love and family

Venus favors you, and the patroness of the year helps with all its might, so try to justify their trust and not miss the bright chances. Fate will present a meeting with a sincere and reliable person, with whom they will manage to build a serious relationship and a strong family. Most likely, the meeting will occur in the second half of the year. You will recognize your chosen one by such characteristic features as openness, generosity, and nobility.

Snakes that are already married or have a regular partner, fate also does not deprive you of happiness in your personal life. Relationships will become even more durable, and children will be able to please with their behavior and attitude regarding plans for the future. In the summer it will be possible to go on a romantic trip. You should not reject such an opportunity, because this is a chance to be alone with the chosen one, enjoying the mutual feelings.

The location of the planets also indicates that in 2020 you will gain true friends, which will go hand in hand with you for many years. Many of the acquired associates, if necessary, will help with advice and deed. Do not look for a double bottom in new people and do not try to catch them in infidelity. By this, you will not only undermine their trust, but also spoil your image.


Blooming health and positive thinking is what a Snake should expect in the coming year. The rat will try to protect you from disease, ill health, and even minor ailments. The breakdown in early February will be replaced by an energy boost. Diseases that were previously disturbed, including chronic pathologies, will disappear or go into a prolonged stage of remission.

Uranus in its upright position will endow you with activity and the desire to move mountains. This will have a positive effect on health in general and ensure a quiet life, devoid of worries and stresses. The functionality of many systems and organs to improve, which is well reflected in your appearance. The skin will become more elastic, its relief will be smoothed, and the contour will tighten. Metabolic processes in the body will improve, the influx of nutrients, oxygen, minerals, beneficial trace elements and organic acids to the organs will increase.

For prevention, the horoscope advises the Snake not to revel in joyful thoughts about blossoming health, but to remember that it is easy to lose it if you do not adhere to a healthy lifestyle. In 2020, you are absolutely not recommended intake of alcohol in large quantities. Consumption of fatty and spicy foods will be reduced to a minimum. And do not overload the body — learn to relax at the end of it all.

Career and Finance

Career growth this year will be due to increased efficiency and the desire to stand out from the crowd. And this Snake is easy to succeed. Colleagues will support and, if necessary, will help with practical advice. You will have a lot of constructive suggestions that will be appreciated by the authorities. And ideas about organizing your own business will be able to form the basis for future financial prosperity.

However, Jupiter, which will move along the lines of your horoscope in the opposite direction, can bring confusion to your plans for capital investments and, consequently, for obtaining material benefits. Profit will be reluctant to go into the hands, but you do not have to misery Some business partners, in whose reliability you are not 100% sure, can fail. Moreover, in the worst case scenario, they will be ready to take the side of your secret enemies.

The patroness of the year will help protect herself from financial difficulties and mistakes in resolving issues related to cash investments. Her and your attitude to material values ​​is very similar, so it is easy for her to understand and direct you on the right path, closing yourself from troubles and possible negative consequences. Beware of dubious offers and do not start new projects without full confidence in their successful development and completion.

Horoscope 2020 for a Snake Woman

Any undertakings in the business sphere will be successful already at the stage of its inception. An annoying admirer may appear at work who will pester his courtship and eternal declarations of love. You will not see in him that reliable, visionary and intelligent man with whom you want to live all his life.

And let him not be able to start a love affair at work, but in the circle of his new acquaintances that noble prince will be found, with whom you will want to go down the aisle. In 2020, Snake women can safely count on success in their personal lives. Their natural wisdom and slowness in solving problems will be favorably received by the partner. His support will make it possible to overcome difficulties and easily endure petty quarrels with relatives.

In connection with the aggravation of the situation around finances, in the fall you may face the eternal question “What to do?”. The luck in money matters, unfortunately, will not visit the Serpent women in 2020, which will require them to solve the relevant problems. Do not be afraid to borrow money from trusted friends, next year you will be able to return them easily.

Horoscope 2020 for a Snake Man

The rat will give you the ability to be loyal to your loved ones, including the second half. It will play a crucial role when trying to build and improve relationships. Any quarrels will go out on the vine. The long-awaited atmosphere of love and complete understanding prevail in the family. And if minor disagreements take place, they will not result in any serious problems.

Excellent health and well-being will cause a good mood and a desire to succeed in the professional field. Business partners will not disappoint and will not let you down. However, financial issues will have to scrupulously understand. Otherwise, by the end of the year not to avoid losses. To avoid such problems, carefully monitor the receipts and deductions of funds.

Friends in 2020 will be on guard for your well-being. Old acquaintances with whom you previously had friendly relations and who have not been seen for a long time will appear. If the need arises, friends will gladly help you out in difficult times, help you defuse the situation and try to cheer you up.

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