Tiger 2020 Chinese Horoscope

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With the coming of the year of the Rat, representatives of the Tiger sign will show prospects to improve their situation in all areas of life in which there have been problems before. It is only necessary to throw aside doubts and not be lazy, losing the good opportunities. In general, the year will require activity of the Tigers, the manifestation of ingenuity and innate intuition.

Horoscope 2020 for Tigers

Tigers in the Year of the Rat may face obstacles on their way to a prosperous life. The location of the planets in the horoscope is such that intrigues and deceit are quite likely on the part of ill-wishers. To avoid hassles with them, most likely, will not work. At the moments of the proceedings, it is important not to lose face, to behave with dignity, to be self-confident and to be able to defend your point of view.

In 2020, the Tigers can not indulge in idle fun and let things drift. Otherwise, the Rat may get angry and stop helping in difficult situations. Like no other sign, this year the Tiger will constantly have to prove to the Rat its honesty, loyalty to the correct ideals and selflessness. The most resolute and enterprising Tigers will be able to enlist the support of not only the patroness of the year, but also the planets.

In the second half of the year, you can have a little rest. Having shown his most positive qualities during the first six months, Tiger will succeed in achieving incredible success by taming the fortune. From mid-summer to the end of the year amazing events and adventures in the financial sphere, as well as personal life, await you. In order not to scare away luck and remain under the patronage of the mistress of the year, the horoscope advises to take as a rule the principle of "under a recumbent stone does not flow water."

Love and family

On the love front without change. As in the past year, the relationship with a partner will not become a reason for pensive thinking and grief. There will be complete trust and understanding between you and your companion. Sometimes a partner may feel that your feelings for him have somewhat cooled. In this situation, it is better to immediately dot the i's, talking heart-to-heart and calming your loved one.

In 2020, single Tigers will seriously attend to finding the perfect second half. Despite the many candidates who are ready for almost everything for the sake of a relationship, they all seem unworthy to Tiger. The favorable position of the planet of love — Venus — indicates a high percentage of the likelihood of a Tiger meeting with a future life partner, which will turn his ideas about the feelings and relationships of a man and a woman.

August is going to be the most active month in terms of romantic adventures. Especially vivid impressions of love meetings with a partner are waiting for the Tigers, who will be far from home: on a business trip, at a resort or on a visit. But remember: it is undesirable to mix love and friendship — those who were previously considered to be friends, let it remain in this role.


The state of health and health in 2020 will please the absence of even minor problems. Already from the beginning of the year you will feel a surge of strength, you will be active and positive. By virtue of the energy boost, your body's stamina will increase significantly, which will lead to an increase in working capacity. Do not threaten and failures in the nervous system, because your psychological armor will be so strong and reliable that even people with steel nerves will envy your moral stability.

Despite the excellent state of health and excellent well-being, the horoscope still recommends the Tigers to play sports, temper the body and follow the diet. In addition to the obvious benefits of a good lifestyle, this advice is also due to the fact that 2020 is for the Tigers a kind of starting point for a 12-year time cycle. What you can achieve in the Year of the Rat, including in the field of health, will have a direct impact on your life in the future.

In the autumn months, naturally tigers that are persistent in terms of health will have an excellent opportunity to further strengthen their bodies. For this, the stars recommend rest in a preventive sanatorium. It is advisable to visit the sea, located in a mountainous area, to breathe the sea air, saturated with beneficial trace elements. Staying near the mountains will also have a beneficial effect on the work of all organs and body systems.

Career and Finance

There should be no material difficulties in 2020 for the Tigers. In any case, if they do not begin to squander money to the right and left, which is not in their character. Congenital frugality, along with pragmatism, will help put together impressive capital by the end of the year. To proceed to the question of how best to dispose of the accumulated amount, preferably next year, when the decisive and all-knowing Bull rises to the throne.

During the second semester of the planet in the personal horoscope of the Tiger will be located in such a way that there will be a high probability of unexpected profits or inheritance. This may be due to anything, for example, the Tiger will accidentally find a large amount of money, win it, or receive an inheritance, the presence of which was not even suspected.

To achieve brilliant results in the business sector will have to try. You need to make every effort to get noticed and appreciated. A long-time enemy is active among colleagues or business partners, who harbors a grudge against you. Perhaps someone from the envious person will try to dismiss you. But, if you take appropriate measures in a timely manner, you will be able to leave foes "at the bottom of the trough."

Horoscope 2020 for a Tiger Woman

Get ready for a responsible and energetic year that will require you to be extremely attentive about relationships with management and colleagues. Watch out for what, when and to whom you are talking, and also be prepared for the highest quality performance of their functional duties. Do not hesitate to take the initiative and try to be first in everything.

In love, the global favorable changes horoscope promises only free from marriage bonds and serious relationships Tigress. For married women, the year will pass quietly, without much change in their personal lives. Although a few restrained attitude to the chosen one and enthusiasm for personal problems may give the other half an idea of ​​your indifference.

Do not let your partner think that he is indifferent to you, otherwise he may plan leisure on the side. And it is not known how this leisure will end. Spring and autumn are the most favorable periods for travel, romantic acquaintances, improvement of the external attractiveness and general improvement of the body.

Horoscope 2020 for a Tiger Man

Virtually the entire male Tigers will have to keep up with everything and everywhere: at work and at home. Despite the difficulties, this is a great chance to show your organizational skills and test the ability to balance between the main areas of life. You have to get along with others, help close people in solving everyday problems, while remaining a breadwinner and an exemplary family man. The rat will reward efforts and give success in the field of finance and health.

In the summer you will have the opportunity to show courage, determination, endurance and even heroism. Tigers who are in search of their life partner, Venus predicts a happy meeting with a decent girl, acquaintance with which will most likely happen on the basis of your indicated qualities. Perhaps you will save your future beloved from hooligans or help her bring heavy packages to the house.

In the business sphere, it is expected that there will be offers on concluding profitable deals. Such proposals should be considered with caution, carefully checking the information and not making hasty decisions. Before giving the final answer to business partners, it is advisable to consult with knowledgeable people whom you trust completely.

2020 Chinese Horoscope