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Wednesday, 13 November: Favorable time for creative activity. On the Tiger day, you should not restrain your imagination: your original ideas will find the widest application. On Wednesday, any experiments are possible, most importantly, do not postpone the fulfillment of their desires for later. For everyone in love, the Chinese horoscope tomorrow advises to openly express their feelings. Do not be afraid to seem ridiculous and ridiculous, the energy of the Yang-Wood will help to express your attitude towards your partner as clearly as possible — you will be appreciated. On 16 lunar day, health may worsen. Imbalance of the Wood element is fraught with frequent infectious diseases. To strengthen immunity, practice Hatha Yoga and hardening. If you are in a quandary, upgrade your wardrobe. The Chinese horoscope advises looking for new sources of inspiration, a change of image will help strengthen attractiveness and self-confidence.

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