Dog Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

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Saturday, April 4: Fate will be favorable to you, if you show due persistence. On Saturday, you can hope for the implementation of long-conceived plans. According to the ideas of the Chinese sages, the Ox day is suitable for painstaking and monotonous work. Be patient — all for the better. Do not be discouraged if passion has died out in a relationship. The Chinese horoscope for the Dog tomorrow promises a stormy and very rich life. The energy of Yin-Fire will give a new impetus to your relationship. Openly show your passion, act at your limits. In the evening, relax, do relaxing exercises. On the 11 lunar day, under the control of the element of Fire, the load on the heart increases. Rebirthing technique will help improve health and increase vitality. There are things in life that you cannot change. Revise your behavior, focus on family values, according to the Chinese horoscope: at home always okay, away from home always awkward.

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