Dog Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

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Friday, 22 November: Tomorrow you can become the center of universal attraction. Traditionally, the Pig day is associated with warmth and comfort. Do not resist fate, devote Friday to communicate with loved ones and unfamiliar people. Be open and friendly, new acquaintances may come in handy soon. The impact of the elements of Yin-Water will help you come to terms with the shortcomings of a loved one. Do not rush to part, do not rush in loud words, but simply show sensitivity and participation to the affairs of the partner. The Chinese horoscope for the Dog tomorrow promises that your relationship will reach a new level. On the 26 lunar day, exhausting workouts are unacceptable. The element of water is associated with the kidneys, it is useful to load the legs to maintain energy balance. Perform Utthita Trikonasana pose to strengthen the meridian of the kidneys. If it seems to you that there is no more strength to stay afloat, remember the close environment. Friendship is much more important than any material goods. The Chinese horoscope consoles: among friends, and water is honey.

Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope