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Thursday, 14 November: According to the Chinese calendar, the Rabbit day is favorable for companionship. On Thursday, you will be able to reach agreement on many issues if you do not insist on your opinion. Now for you in the first place relationships with loved ones, try to understand them. If you do not have enough attention of the opposite sex, the Chinese horoscope for the Horse for tomorrow promises happy changes. The soft, unobtrusive energy of the Yin-Wood will help you to gain favor with yourself. In the affairs of the heart you will be lucky. On the 17 lunar day, the use of plant foods is welcome. The element of the Wood is associated with the liver, in order to avoid stagnation of bile, do not overload the body with food. To maintain health, eat vegetables and parsley. You can get out of the vicious circle of empty troubles if you begin to calmly respond to inevitable situations. Do not look for difficulties where they are not there, the Chinese horoscope assures: the devil gives birth to its own mind.

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