Horse Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

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Monday, July 13: Tomorrow you must be wise and patient as never before. The Snake day is conducive to making informed decisions. On Monday it’s better to be inactive than to commit rash acts. If you are not sure of yourself, take a short pause — things will wait. Due to the influence of the energy of Yin-Fire in the relationship will seethe passion. Your impulsive, impulsive actions can scare your partner. The Chinese horoscope for the Horse tomorrow offers to reduce the heat of passion. Find another way to bind a loved one to yourself. Work on yourself, pay attention to appearance. The Rat hour does not forgive mistakes and does not tolerate inaccuracies in anything, including health. Apply a nourishing mask at night to help your skin cope with dryness. Beware of cheating and attacks from competitors. Be vigilant, even a randomly dropped phrase can cost you a lot. The Chinese horoscope warns: spilled water is difficult to collect.

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