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Tuesday, 21 January: Tomorrow you can envy your positive attitude. According to the Chinese calendar, Pig day is designed for joy and relaxation. On Tuesday, you can not be sad, indulge in gloomy thoughts. If you can not cope with negative emotions, think about the reason for your dissatisfaction with life. If personal life does not please you, the Chinese horoscope for Monkey tomorrow advises not to panic prematurely. Energy of Yin-Water can increase your doubts about yourself and your loved one. Do not dive into the experience, your personal problems are contrived. A vegetable diet is recommended, on the 27 lunar day it is undesirable to overeat. Excess Water weakens the digestive system. Refuse fatty meats, diversify the diet with legumes, nuts and herbs. Never set yourself up for defeat. Fear of the future fetters, deprives development prospects, according to the Chinese horoscope: both the chicken flew away and the eggs broke. Do not let yourself fall into the trap.

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