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Friday, April 3: On the Rat day you should not wait for dirty tricks from fate. According to the ideas of the Chinese sages, this is a day of good undertakings and successful acquisitions. Perhaps on Friday you can increase your wealth. However, you should not openly demonstrate your intentions. Personal life will be stormy and even dramatic. Chinese horoscope for Monkey tomorrow advises you to keep track of your words. The unbridled energy of Yang-Fire can deprive you of calm and prudence. Keep yourself in hand, think in advance your line of conduct. Afternoon fatigue is understandable: the powerful energy of the Horse hour suppresses, forces it to move continuously. Weakness, a feeling of tightness in the chest may appear. Have a little workout. Professionally focus on long-term prospects. It is impossible to succeed without a clear development strategy, so the Chinese horoscope reminds you that even a good breakfast is not a substitute for dinner.

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