Monkey Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

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Friday, 22 November: Show generosity and generosity to the surrounding people. According to the ideas of the ancient sages, the Pig day is good for socializing and receiving guests. On Friday, you should find time to meet old friends and relatives. Spend the day with your loved ones. If personal life does not please you, the Chinese horoscope for Monkey tomorrow advises not to panic prematurely. Energy of Yin-Water can increase your doubts about yourself and your loved one. Do not dive into the experience, your personal problems are contrived. Twenty-sixth lunar day attracts negative energy, focus on your health. An imbalance in the elements of Water can exacerbate phobias and fears. Qigong exercises will have the best effect. Do not miss the opportunity to realize yourself, do not settle for small things. Set ambitious goals, work for the future. The Chinese horoscope claims: big birds do not feed on grains.

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