Monkey Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

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Monday, September 28: The Dog day gives a feeling of inner warmth and peace, but only if there is support from others. On Monday, you should focus on relationships with loved ones. Now you are too socially oriented to make decisions on your own. It will probably be difficult for you to find peace and mutual understanding in the family. The element of the Yang-Wood is not conducive to flexibility and flexibility. The Chinese horoscope for Monkey tomorrow promises a thrill. Be prepared to compromise if you do not want to provoke a major scandal. In the morning stressful situations are possible. The Dragon hour can inspire vain hopes, deprive a sense of reality. Do not worry, use breathing exercises for psychological relaxation. Change yourself for the better if you want to succeed. The Chinese horoscope advises: if you do not like what you get, change what you do. Each step should bring you closer to the goal, and not move away from it.

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