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Wednesday, April 1: Traditionally, the Dog day is associated with sincerity, immense human kindness. On Wednesday, you especially need the support of loved ones, do not be afraid to show your vulnerability. Now you are too dependent on your surroundings to defend your own independence. Probably, your personal life will seethe passion. The energy of the Yang-Wood disposes to frankness. The Chinese horoscope for the Ox for tomorrow advises you not to let on the mystery. Be honest with your partner if you want to avoid emotional turmoil. Refuse culinary experiments, eat moderately. The Goat hour is unpredictable, it does not give a sense of security. For health, use natural juices, green smoothies are especially useful. If you are unable to accept the situation, listen to the voice of reason. Any action has consequences, the Chinese horoscope warns: when you go in a boat — be ready to get wet to the skin.

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