Ox Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

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Wednesday, April 21: Favorable moment for communication and new acquaintances. Traditionally, on the Pig day, family holidays and friendly gatherings are arranged. On Wednesday people will pull you like a magnet. Do not miss the chance to improve relationships with loved ones and make new powerful friends. If you lost the trust of your child, the Chinese horoscope for the Ox tomorrow promises to restore the relationship. The energy of the Yin-Earth strengthens kinship, gives the ability to disinterestedly and faithfully love. Do not be afraid to express your affection. On the 9 lunar day, medicinal herbs will help to maintain health. Earth element is responsible for the work of the stomach, its deficiency is manifested by general weakness and a decrease in appetite. In the evening, prepare a decoction of St. John’s wort. In professional terms, one should expect a lift, but you will have to work hard. By diligence, you will achieve great results, according to the Chinese horoscope: without fire, brushwood will not light up. Believe in your strength.

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