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Wednesday, 13 November: Trust your intuition, do not be afraid to make fateful decisions. The Tiger day favors strong and strong-willed people. On Wednesday, you can drastically change your life if you make the right decision. Under any circumstances, keep calm and restraint. Probably, your personal life will seethe passion. The energy of the Yang-Wood disposes to frankness. The Chinese horoscope for the Ox for tomorrow advises you not to let on the mystery. Be honest with your partner if you want to avoid emotional turmoil. Sixteenth lunar day is suitable for relaxing practices. If the balance of the Wood is disturbed, dizziness may occur. To restore balance, practice Shavasana as the basis for meditation. Do not make adventurous plans if you do not want to be in a quandary. Break the habit of spending money thoughtlessly, follow the advice of the Chinese horoscope: rich is the one who knows everything in all measure.

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