Pig Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

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Friday, July 17: Traditionally, the Rooster day promises joy, fun and loud entertainment. Nothing bad will happen if you leave work early on Friday. Try to communicate with people as much as possible. Immediacy, positive mood — your main trump cards. There should be no secrets between you and your partner. The soft, mesmerizing energy of Yin-Metal contributes to harmonious family relationships. Chinese horoscope for Pig tomorrow advises to plan a joint publication. Let others be convinced of your happiness. In the evening it will be useful to conduct a rejuvenating session. On the 27 lunar day, you should very carefully look after your face. Metal imbalance leads to itchy, dry skin, massage with essential oils. Do not get tired of pleasing your friends with pleasant surprises, take tireless care. Do not hesitate, they will answer the same. The Chinese horoscope claims: there is a lot of gold in the world, few old friends.

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