Rabbit Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

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Thursday, 30 January: The day, under the control of the Monkey sign, calls for freedom and emancipation. On Thursday, you can express yourself with an unexpected side. Do not be afraid to defend your point of view, be bold and persistent. However, do not forget about generally accepted standards of behavior. Sociable, positive energy Yang-Water will help you achieve reciprocity. Feel free to show interest in the opposite sex. The Chinese horoscope for Rabbit advises tomorrow to come out as often as possible: have dates, flirt. Avoid drafts, on the 6th lunar day, the risk of catching a cold increases. With Water deficiency, tinnitus, hearing loss are noted. To increase immunity, it is useful to pour cold water over the ears. If you want to win the respect of your friends, become an example for them. Be honest and sincere, the Chinese horoscope advises: if you want people to not know about your actions — better not do them.

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