Rat Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

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Friday, 20 September: Be prepared to make concessions, at least try to create the appearance of consent. Bravado and unjustified optimism are characteristic of the day of the Rooster. On Friday, you will do better if you do not disagree with those around you. Hide your grievance and disappointment — it’s not so bad. To restore harmony you need a change of image. The energy of Yin-Metal enhances craving for everything beautiful. The Chinese horoscope for the Rat tomorrow offers to look at a beauty salon or refresh your wardrobe. The update will improve your mood. At 21 lunar day, breathing practices aimed at strengthening the lungs are helpful. A metal deficiency can cause itchy skin on nerves. Qigong gymnastics helps to avoid emotional imbalance. Take the time to invest in yourself to raise a worthy generation. There is no better example than a personal one, which is why the Chinese horoscope advises that only what was in it can be poured from a jug into a bowl.

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