Rooster Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

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Monday, September 28: Tomorrow there may be difficulties in communicating with colleagues and friends. A day under the control of the Dog sign makes people dependent on the opinion of the majority. If you are not able to objectively perceive criticism, refuse to participate in disputes and discussions. Keep yourself in hand — everything will work out. Personal life will be rich. Yang-Wood energy will give you the opportunity to explain your feelings. The Chinese Horoscope for Rooster tomorrow proposes to act confidently. Forget about the embarrassment, do not give your loved one a chance to slip away. Pay attention to your diet, try to eat on time. The Dragon hour strengthens the desire to look beautiful. A balanced diet will help bring weight back to normal; in addition, drink cleansing herbal decoctions. You can noticeably advance professionally if you show endurance. The Chinese horoscope instructs: acting carefully, you can achieve a lot; going ahead, and one thing is difficult to complete.

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