Snake Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

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Monday, July 13: Now you tend to trust your intuition more than to listen to the arguments of reason. The Snake day enhances interest in everything mystical, sets up a contemplative mood. On Monday, you must sort out your own feelings and thoughts, and things will wait. If you are in search of your half, be a little more active. The Yin-Fire energy will help to overcome timidity and constraint. The Chinese horoscope for the Snake tomorrow does not exclude romantic dating, but you must take the initiative in your hands. On the twenty-third lunar day, the protective functions of the body are weakened. With a lack of Fire, painful sensations and rashes occur in the mouth. To maintain immunity, practice Prana Mudra regularly. Do not try to solve all problems quickly, hoping for high performance. Recognize your true needs, the Chinese horoscope says: your home is where your thoughts are calm. Be yourself.

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