Tiger Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

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Monday, September 28: Tomorrow there may be difficulties in communicating with colleagues and friends. A day under the control of the Dog sign makes people dependent on the opinion of the majority. If you are not able to objectively perceive criticism, refuse to participate in disputes and discussions. Keep yourself in hand — everything will work out. In private life, one does not have to wait for consistency. The energy of the Yang-Wood is not conducive to softness and pliability. The Chinese horoscope for the Tiger tomorrow warns of possible quarrels with half. If you value your relationships, take care of them: do not endow nonsense under the influence of emotions. Simple cosmetic procedures will help maintain the beauty and health of the body. The Pig hour is designed to relax, its atmosphere is soothing. Treat yourself to a massage with aromatic oils. In hard times, show strength of character, always believe in the best. The Chinese horoscope assures: there is nothing further than yesterday, and there is nothing closer than tomorrow. Stop living memories of the past.

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