Tiger Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

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Wednesday, 18 September: According to the Chinese calendar, the day of the Goat is associated with feelings and emotions. On Wednesday, you can make not entirely logical decisions. Under all circumstances, keep cool: strong emotions are not the best advisers in business. Be calm and confident, do not rush the course of events. If you are confused, seek advice from older relatives. Influencing the energy of the Yin-Earth will help overcome barriers in communication. The Chinese horoscope for the Tiger tomorrow advises you to think about how emotionally attached you are to your family. The nineteenth lunar day is dangerous poisoning. Earth element is associated with the stomach, digestive disorders are possible. Try to monitor your diet, do not abuse junk food. If your career has stalled, improve your knowledge. The Chinese horoscope instructs: when learning, you will learn how little you know. After completing continuing education courses, you will discover new horizons.

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