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January 11-17: The first week of the Ox month gives no reason to relax: work is in full swing. It is difficult to determine what to focus on first. In all spheres of life, changes are expected, albeit not the most ambitious, but significant. Separating the main from the secondary is almost impossible. Have to work hard on conscience, inaction is punishable. At the beginning of the week you will have the opportunity to look at someone from your environment with new eyes. The weekly Chinese horoscope strongly recommends not to reject courtship. The positive influence of the element of the month of the Yin-Earth will help you to strengthen your preferences. Take a closer look at a potential partner, your values may coincide.

Be more economical, in the middle of the week financial losses are not excluded. On the Water Dog day, you need to be careful in handling money, impulsive spending can damage the budget. The current situation does not allow frivolous actions; loans and credits should not be taken. Refrain from speculating on the exchange and risky transactions. Having plunged into rest at the end of the week, allow yourself to be yourself. In order not to turn a positive into a daily routine, the weekly horoscope offers to find pleasure in simple things. No need to be afraid of the manifestations of your emotions, take care of what you are really interested in. Devote time to personal hobbies, this will reduce internal stress.

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