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July 6-12: The final week of the Goat month will please you with warmth. Immediacy and kindness will attract people who have similar interests and hobbies to you. No matter what impression you make on others, enjoy everything that happens around. Forget about problems and troubles, allow yourself to be yourself. Wait a moment with a radical change of image, at the beginning of the week your desire to make a stunning impression will not lead to anything good. The weekly Chinese horoscope warns against excessive enthusiasm for fashion. In the month of the element of the Yin-Water, natural beauty is a priority. Start your week with a range of wellness and beauty treatments.

A business trip in the middle of the week can be stressful, but do not rush to put it off. The Water Ox day is a good way to strengthen old business relationships. The resumption of old contacts promises considerable dividends, the authorities will not disregard your achievements. Expect a promotion or cash prize. The atmosphere in the family will improve by the end of the week, revitalization and fun will reign in your home. The weekly horoscope advises to seize the moment and establish relationships with the most moody of relatives. Invite loved ones for a pleasure walk, give them unforgettable entertainment. Try to show your imagination to the fullest.

Weekly Chinese Horoscopes