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September 28 – October 4: For most of the third week of the Rooster month, you will be focused on work. At least, this area of life is worth paying close attention to. You should approach your duties with all responsibility, otherwise there is a risk of failing an important matter. Do not waste time on idle chatter, search for roundabout ways, move only forward. As for your health, the weekly Chinese horoscope warns of minor digestive problems. In the month of the element of the Yin-Wood, the liver is especially vulnerable, inflammatory processes are very likely. Start the week with a diet, refuse heavy and fatty foods if you do not want to fail at the most crucial moment.

Success in your professional activity can turn your head, in the middle of the week serious career changes are expected. The day of the Fire element is suitable for the implementation of ambitious tasks. However, you must match your abilities with the capabilities of competitors. You probably have something to learn: if you don’t go through business, you won’t become smarter. Hiking contributes to the preservation of health, make a trip to the countryside at the end of the week. The weekly horoscope advises spending more time outdoors. To strengthen the body, increase vitality, it is useful to perform breathing exercises, preferably on the street. Qigong gymnastics helps prolong active life and youth.

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