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April 12-18: In the second week of the Dragon month, money affairs will be especially easy to manage. Thanks to your financial instincts, you can take part in profitable projects. Feel free to enter into transactions, sign contracts, you have bright prospects. If you are smart in business, you will not have to complain about lack of money in the near future. Watch for health, at the beginning of the week there is a danger of poisoning. In the month of the element of the Yang-Water, the risk of metabolic disorders, digestive disorders increases. The weekly Chinese horoscope advises to abandon exotic dishes and alcoholic beverages. Snacks on the run and fast food are no less harmful, it is better to give preference to light and wholesome food.

A new hairstyle will cheer you up; in the middle of the week, a visit to the hairdresser will be extremely successful. On the day of the Water element, any manipulations with hair, including haircuts, styling and coloring, are welcome. Try to look attractive under any circumstances. Appearance is a reflection of qualities: a person needs a face, a tree needs a bark. You have a long-awaited meeting with relatives ahead, it is better to devote the end of the week to your family. The weekly horoscope predicts a rather complicated situation related to the arrival of guests. So that a joyful event does not turn into a difficult test, focus on pleasant moments. Have a tea party, remember fun family stories.

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