Dog Weekly Chinese Horoscope

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September 28 – October 4: The third week of the Rooster month promises good luck in business: keep your nose upwind. Fate will give you a chance to advance in service, gain serious patrons. Although success can be very modest. Perhaps you will abandon the grandiose plans, preferring to regain your lost position. All this is not so important, it is not the result, the main thing is the process. At the beginning of the week, ask yourself questions about how to make leisure easier and more enjoyable. The influence of the element of the month of the Yin-Wood gives flexibility, patience, improves morale. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Dog offers to listen to the inner voice. If you feel an urgent need for rest, take a short vacation.

Risks in the financial sector are unlikely, in the middle of the week Dogs will not have problems with money. The day of the Fire element has a spontaneous purchase, all spent quickly return. Material well-being depends only on yourself, there will be enough opportunities to earn. You can use them, find yourself in the black: hard work is a valuable tree. In your personal life, trials await you, the weekend will be stressful. The weekly horoscope for the Dog warns against fleeting ties and service romances. If you are looking for the thrill on the side, be prepared to answer for your actions. It is unlikely that the partner will turn a blind eye to your inappropriate behavior; you will have to fight for your relationship.

Weekly Chinese Horoscope