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January 18-24: The second week of the Ox month is thought-provoking. The time for action has passed, you can take a short break. What is important, a break in business will do more good than exhausting work. You can take a different look at everything that happens, discover new perspectives. Although nothing prevents you from working at the same pace: the road will be overpowered by the walking one. Do not forget about relaxation, warm emotions at the beginning of the week will provide you with energy for the entire period. The influence of the element of the month of the Yin-Earth promotes harmony and well-being. To get rid of nervousness, the weekly Chinese horoscope for the Dog advises you to pamper yourself with a trip. In the absence of opportunities virtual rest is suitable.

Losses in business Dogs are not threatened, although in the middle of the week troubles at work are not excluded. The day of the Earth element induces painstaking work, there is no time to engage in official intrigues. Neglect of duty, careless attitude to your duties is fraught with problems, so do not be distracted from work: if there was a firm will — and the mountain turned into a field. The end of the week will be extremely successful for experiments with your appearance. The weekly horoscope for the Dog promises that the image change will not go unnoticed: you will make a splash. Add a few trendy things to your wardrobe, albeit not in your own style. It’s time to change your view of fashion, do not be afraid to stand out among others.

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