Dragon Weekly Chinese Horoscope

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April 12-18: In the second week of the Dragon month, money affairs will be especially easy to manage. Thanks to your financial instincts, you can take part in profitable projects. Feel free to enter into transactions, sign contracts, you have bright prospects. If you are smart in business, you will not have to complain about lack of money in the near future. Unrest in family life will be difficult to avoid, especially at the beginning of the week. The influence of the element of the month of the Yang-Water strengthens the tendency to manipulate. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Dragon advises to be patient: children can surprise you unpleasantly. Do not worry, better think of a way to stir them up, go to developmental classes.

Thoughts about money can adversely affect Dragons, in the middle of the week the financial issue will be especially acute. The day of the Water element is doubtful in terms of improving financial standing. Your desires associated with luxury, beautiful things are unlikely to be achievable. Think real, look for a side job: honest loss is better than unrighteous income. Housing issues can ruin a weekend. The weekly horoscope for the Dragon offers you to look for compromises that are beneficial for yourself. Now it’s better to take a wait and see attitude so as not to make a mistake. In a couple of weeks, circumstances will begin to take shape in your favor, more offers will appear on the real estate market.

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