Dragon Weekly Chinese Horoscope

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July 13-19: In the first week of the Goat month, any turn of events is possible. Do not resist fate, try to accept the fact that not everything in this life depends on you. Do not waste time on vain experiences and futile struggle, show flexibility and even cunning. Skillfully adapting to circumstances, you can get much more than you expected. Treat family problems easier if you do not want to wallow in squabbles. The effects of the element of the month of the Yin-Water can deprive you of peace: conspiracies seem to be everywhere. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Dragon advises organizing an interesting family leisure. Arrange a meeting with the involvement of all households, come up with your personal tradition.

Having spent a lot of time on solving other people’s problems, Dragons will benefit, the middle of the week is suitable for establishing business contacts. The day of the Metal element is good for doing business and finding new partners. Collaboration brings together, you can create a foundation for successful professional development: common aspirations — common forces. Cosmetic procedures will cheer you up, devote the end of the week to self-care. The weekly horoscope for the Dragon advises giving preference to natural remedies made from medicinal plants. Take advantage of the gifts of nature, emphasize your natural beauty. Your skin and hair will shine with health and freshness.

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