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January 11-17: In the first week of the Ox month will have to thoroughly work on himself. Laziness, lack of assembly and frivolity can lead to irreparable errors. Get ready, set yourself a very specific, feasible task. Think about how to better organize your life to make the most of your opportunities. At the beginning of the week, do not demand titanic feats from yourself. Under the influence of the element of the month of the Yin-Earth, you will learn to see beauty in familiar things. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Goat recommends doing interior renovation. Consult with households on how to better equip a home, probably only cosmetic measures can be dispensed with.

Be more economical, in the middle of the week financial losses are not excluded. On the Water Dog day, you need to be careful in handling money, impulsive spending can damage the budget. The current situation does not allow frivolous actions; loans and credits should not be taken. Refrain from speculating on the exchange and risky transactions. Take time for your loved ones, the weekend promises to be troubled in terms of family relationships. The weekly horoscope for the Goat predicts problems with a family business or property disputes. Step back, do not let financial matters ruin your life. Understanding a difficult situation will help mutual understanding and mutual assistance.

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