Horse Weekly Chinese Horoscope

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June 29 – July 5: The energy of the fourth week of the Horse month is too unstable to start something serious. Do not rush to show character, stubbornly insisting on your opinion. Perhaps the time is coming for tremendous changes, shocks are waiting for you in the near future. Be restrained, leave all unnecessary in the past. Don’t bother trying to speed things up. By maintaining peace of mind, you can avoid many problems. The influence of the element of the Yang-Water will give you an update, will give ideas the right direction. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Horse offers to engage in an original hobby, preferably safe. Start the week with pleasant activities, look for yourself, do not limit yourself to the usual things.

In the middle of the week, the resolution of official conflicts will take a lot of time and energy. The Fire Horse day awakens the spirit of rivalry, pushes to debate. To avoid unhealthy competition, differentiate job responsibilities, do not take responsibility for the actions of colleagues. Follow business etiquette in all circumstances. At the end of the week, household chores will take a lot of attention, but will not cause much inconvenience. The weekly horoscope for the Horse suggests focusing on urgent household chores. You can quickly cope even with a large amount of work if you can attract household members to the process. Improvise, fantasize — turn work into a game.

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