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October 26 – November 1: The third week of the Dog month will bring good luck in business. You can easily cope with a large amount of work, be able to resolve any differences. There is a chance of getting an impressive amount. In a word, you are at the zenith of glory, the main thing — do not back down from your goals, act decisively. You are quite capable of reaching a higher standard of living. Many good opportunities can pass if you do not learn how to withstand stress. The influence of the element of the month of the Yang-Fire gives impulsivity, irritability. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Horse warns against attacks of aggression and outbursts of anger. At the beginning of the week it will be useful for you to relax, arrange yourself a relaxation session.

Financial losses in the middle of the week cannot be avoided if Horses are seduced by easy money. The day of the Wood element does not allow fraud; all sorts of speculations will not pass. You can take loans, look for investors, but you should not conclude transactions involving risk. Avoid suspiciously profitable contracts: a small crop is better than a large crop. The end of the week can be marked by pleasant events in your personal life. The weekly horoscope for the Horse recommends acting on the basis of romantic motives. Forget about everything that has nothing to do with personal life, only love is worthy of sacrifice. Try to surprise your partner by giving him a nice gift or an original surprise.

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