Ox Weekly Chinese Horoscope

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January 11-17: In the first week of the Ox month will have to thoroughly work on himself. Laziness, lack of assembly and frivolity can lead to irreparable errors. Get ready, set yourself a very specific, feasible task. Think about how to better organize your life to make the most of your opportunities. In a romantic relationship, it is better to keep a distance, especially at the beginning of the week. In the month of the element of the Yin-Earth, possessive instincts intensify. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Ox warns you against jealousy and excessive obsession in relationships with your loved one. In an effort to tie a partner to yourself, you can go beyond what is permitted.

Trying to please loved ones in the middle of the week, Oxen can become so involved in household chores that they will exceed the plan of the planned work. The day of the Water element involves compliance, the desire to serve others. You can at an accelerated pace to restore the perfect order in the house. Do not be afraid to get your hands dirty, work with inspiration: without fire, brushwood will not catch fire. In order to feel the taste of life, go on a short trip. If possible, spend a weekend in nature, the weekly horoscope for the Ox promises a pleasant stay in good company. Leave behind workdays, forget about endless problems. Suppose you do not know a sense of proportion in pleasures, but there will be something to remember.

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