Pig Weekly Chinese Horoscope

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January 18-24: In the second week of the Ox month should refrain from categorical conclusions. Do not resist the circumstances, but adapt to them. Before making drastic decisions, consult your environment. Try to act delicately, do not show aggression in communication. Do not behave defiantly, hoping to replay fate. The first days of the week your interests will be focused on solving everyday issues. Under the influence of the element of the month of the Yin-Earth, the need for a comfortable life is increasing. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Pig predicts moving, buying or selling real estate. Although the matter may be limited only to the repair that you have long been planning to do.

The professional sphere will require mobility from you, in the middle of the week there will be a business trip or other trip on service. The Earth Snake day is conducive to business negotiations and meetings. Forums, conferences and discussions are a great platform for dialogue and exchange of experience. For professional growth to go faster, be proactive. Forget about everything negative, devote a weekend to children and resolve disagreements. The weekly horoscope for the Pig advises you to fight impatience and anger in your heart. Do without notations and intrusive tips, try to take the place of the child. If something interferes with your relationship, get rid of it, start communication from scratch.

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