Rabbit Weekly Chinese Horoscope

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June 1-7: The fourth week of the Snake month will require perseverance and perseverance. To succeed, do not indulge your whims. Only preserving the firmness of mind, you can fully understand the situation. Ignore the temptations, fight your flaws. Drop your ambitious intentions, fairly evaluate your strengths and capabilities. Try to change your environment if you are lonely. The influence of the element of the month of the Yin-Metal will give you confidence in its attractiveness. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Rabbit does not exclude a passionate romance. Spend the beginning of the week in search of love, even a short-term relationship will leave pleasant memories: any experience is useful.

In the professional sphere, the factor of surprise can play a decisive role. Closer to the middle of the week there will be a chance to change work for a higher paying one. The Earth Tiger day involves independence and courage in decision-making. Assess your abilities, professional skills and experience correctly to find your dream job. For the weekend, you can’t hold fantasies, so the prospects are good. The weekly horoscope for the Rabbit offers to cast aside shame and modesty: go crazy to the fullest. Forget about rationalism, get involved in an exciting business, and come up with a hobby. Learn the art of drawing on water or start growing butterflies — do not chop off your wings.

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