Rat Weekly Chinese Horoscope

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April 12-18: The second week of the Dragon month will fly almost imperceptibly. You won’t be bored, all kinds of offers will fall on you. Try not to lose your head from the opportunities that open before you. Although risk is a noble cause, act according to circumstances. If you are not sure about the end result, take the time to storm new heights. Most of all, at the beginning of the week you need positive impressions. Under the influence of the element of the month of the Yang-Water, a thirst for something new, previously unknown, may awaken in you. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Rat predicts interest in mystical hobbies. Add piquancy to your life, but just a little, limit yourself to harmless divination.

In the middle of the week, questions may arise related to learning or starting a business. The Water Snake day promises success in the case of finding an additional source of income or in the development of a new profession. The costs of continuing education and organizing a business are sure to pay off. You can reach the heights in your professional field. Take a look at yourself, devote the weekend to parsing your wardrobe. The weekly horoscope for the Rat believes that you just need a new suit. Although you can shift the focus to accessories, a pair of bright details can radically transform the usual outfit. Buy a scarf, belt or handbag — the result will be excellent, you will be satisfied.

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