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July 13-19: The energy of the first week of the Goat month favors vigorous activity. Exciting events, pleasant meetings, interesting events — a choice for every taste. Fate has decided to pamper you for your zeal and diligence. Use this moment to change your life. Even minor events will turn out to be crucial for you. Thanks to the impeccable appearance, much can be achieved. In the month of the element of the Yin-Water, softness, unobtrusiveness are especially relevant. To present themselves in a favorable light, the weekly Chinese horoscope for the Rooster advises to diversify the wardrobe with new things. Start the week with a change of habitual outfit, try to become the best version of yourself.

A small but significant blow to the budget can be caused by rash expenses, in the middle of the week it should be more economical. The Metal Monkey day requires frugality and a prudent attitude towards money. Do not make purchases out of boredom, aim for budget shopping. Stay tuned for promotions and special offers, pleasant discoveries await you. If you feel a breakdown at the end of the week, do not rush to take pills. If you have not previously shown interest in oriental practices, the weekly horoscope for the Rooster offers to get acquainted with various areas of yoga. Try to get rid of negativity in order to achieve a state of peace and tranquility, and jivamukti yoga will help you with this.

Weekly Chinese Horoscope