Rooster Weekly Chinese Horoscope

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April 19-25: The third week of the Dragon month is favorable for the implementation of long-planned plans. Try to act decisively, but observing reasonable moderation in business. In contentious issues, be prepared to compromise: stubbornness will not achieve anything. Doing justice, do not be afraid to lose, on the contrary, so you can achieve success. On the love front, the situation is rather hectic, the beginning of the week will be rich in emotions. The impact of the element of the month of the Yang-Water can lead to misunderstanding between people. To maintain their relationship, the weekly Chinese horoscope for the Rooster advises you to trust your partner. Do not pursue a ghostly ideal, appreciate the one who is near you.

In the middle of the week, delays in paperwork and conclusion of transactions are likely; Roosters may have a park at work. The day of the Metal element involves a thoughtful approach to business, the slightest inaccuracy is fraught with large losses. Be demanding of yourself and your colleagues, avoid mistakes: it has begun to rain — it’s too late to run after the umbrella. At the end of the week, the head will go round from the influx of guests. Give them a warm welcome to discuss all the problems with tea. The weekly horoscope for the Rooster advises not to be shy about getting into the affairs of relatives. Now you are able to provide real help, overcome any objections. The controversial issues will gradually smooth out, you can reconcile the warring parties.

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