Rooster Weekly Chinese Horoscope

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September 28 – October 4: For most of the third week of the Rooster month, you will be focused on work. At least, this area of life is worth paying close attention to. You should approach your duties with all responsibility, otherwise there is a risk of failing an important matter. Do not waste time on idle chatter, search for roundabout ways, move only forward. At the beginning of the week, it does not hurt to do health, but without fanaticism. The negative effects of the element of the Yin-Wood month can lead to digestive upsets. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Rooster recommends a liver cleansing procedure. It is better not to abuse drug treatment; detox drinks will be more effective.

In professional terms, Roosters may be weaker than competitors; problems at work are likely in the middle of the week. On the day of the Fire element, it is easy to lose composure due to increased impulsiveness. If you are in a leadership position, be especially vigilant to consider all the risks: whoever is closer to the fire is the first to burn. Random luck will help solve the housing problem: the weekend will fly by. The weekly horoscope for the Rooster recommends asking your parents for advice, they will find an opportunity to provide you financial assistance. If you have long planned to change your place of residence, start collecting things. Soon the issue will be resolved in your favor.

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