Snake Weekly Chinese Horoscope

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June 1-7: In the fourth week of the Snake month, you may find yourself between two fires. Serious conflicts of interest, conflict situations at work and at home are not ruled out. If you do not want to lose, do not ignore the problem, act decisively. Show wisdom, try to resolve all contradictions, make opponents your supporters. Do not hide behind others, at the beginning of the week you should shine in all its glory. Under the influence of the element of the month of the Yin-Metal, the need for aesthetic pleasures is increasing. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Snake invites you to do it yourself. Go shopping, try on new outfits to see which fashion trends suit your taste.

In the middle of the week there will be an opportunity to earn extra money if you need additional funds. On the Earth Tiger day, it is highly likely to be lucky in finances, but subject to your interest. The received cooperation proposal will be very profitable and will become a reliable source of income in the near future. Weekend events and news may excite you. The weekly horoscope for the Snake predicts vanity, family quarrels, intrigues. If you can not resist the temptation to command children or parents, get ready to meet a worthy rebuff. In this tense situation, you must be flexible and loyal to your loved ones.

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