Snake Weekly Chinese Horoscope

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January 18-24: The second week of the Ox month is thought-provoking. The time for action has passed, you can take a short break. What is important, a break in business will do more good than exhausting work. You can take a different look at everything that happens, discover new perspectives. Although nothing prevents you from working at the same pace: the road will be overpowered by the walking one. In a love relationship, the beginning of the week will bring a lot of interesting things. The impact of the element of the month of the Yin-Earth exposes real feelings, helps to achieve mutual understanding. The weekly Chinese horoscope for the Snake advises to plunge into the whirlpool of passion, not thinking about conventions. Flirting, a little jealousy, romantic surprises — the best recipe for personal happiness.

The professional sphere will require mobility from you, in the middle of the week there will be a business trip or other trip on service. The Earth Snake day is conducive to business negotiations and meetings. Forums, conferences and discussions are a great platform for dialogue and exchange of experience. For professional growth to go faster, be proactive. On weekends, unforeseen circumstances will not be able to lead you astray: only comfort and relaxation. The weekly horoscope for the Snake encourages you to grab at any chance to have a good time. Probably, there will be a reason to go somewhere, visit old friends. You may find yourself in a completely unfamiliar company, try to please these people.

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