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The Year of the Rooster starts on 28 February and holds excellent prospects for the Dragon. This is a year of opportunity, progress and considerable good fortune.

The Dragon’s work prospects are especially encouraging and during the year he can look forward to making significant advances. This is very much a year when he can benefit from his experience and put his skills to effective use.

Almost all Dragons will have the opportunity to improve on their position over the year and those who feel in a rut or are dissatisfied with their present position will find this an excellent time to rectify this.

However, to benefit from the prevailing aspects, these Dragons will need to take the action to bring about the changes they desire. By actively looking for suitable openings and making enquiries, they will soon obtain results, with many being offered an exciting new challenge. Some could also find close colleagues or friends particularly helpful in their quest for a position.

Similarly, those Dragons seeking work, either as the year starts or during it, should follow up any openings that will allow them to draw on their strengths and experience. Even though they may face a few disappointments, their persistence as well as their fine reputation (and references) will lead to many securing a position that will suit them well.

Those Dragons already established in a career can also look forward to making important strides. In recognition of their commitment and knowledge, many will find themselves being offered an increased role, singled out for new initiatives or strongly placed for promotion. This is very much a year to advance, with the months from March to May and November seeing some particularly good opportunities.

The Dragon will also be helped by his ability to get on well with others and he should again make the most of any chances to meet colleagues and to build up contacts. With his outgoing and confident manner he will not only impress many but also find a lot of goodwill (and good fortune) will flow in his direction as a result. Once again, his skills and personable nature will serve him well.

The progress the Dragon makes in his work will lead to an increase in income, and financially, his prospects will be considerably brighter during the year. However, to benefit, he should manage his finances well. By setting funds aside for known commitments and saving towards more expensive purchases he will find he is often able to do more as a result. In addition, with travel favourably aspected, he should set funds aside for a holiday during the year. By choosing his destination carefully, he can find his travels working out well and doing him a lot of good.

The Dragon should also give time to his interests over the year. With his enquiring mind and eager nature, he is rarely at a loss for things to do and spending time on activities that bring him pleasure will be another satisfying aspect of the year.

His social life will also see much activity, with many chances to go out and meet friends. With his outgoing nature, the Dragon will find himself in great demand, with his social circle widening as the year develops. For the unattached or those who would welcome more companionship, the prospects are promising and by regularly going out as well as involving themselves in activities and interests they enjoy, they will get to meet others and form some good friendships. April, July to September could be active and interesting months socially, with good opportunities to meet others.

The Dragon will also appreciate the support he is given by family members, and by being forthcoming and discussing his activities with those close to him, he will often benefit from the advice he receives. He will also derive much satisfaction from some of the domestic projects he tackles over the year, especially those that enhance his home. Again, the Dragon will regard this very much as a doing year and he certainly will do plenty. However, with the many demands on his time, he should be wary of starting too much all at once and should allow plenty of time for projects to be completed. Despite his willingness, it would be wise to keep his sometimes zealous nature in check. Here again, good liaison with those around him can often prevent problems arising as well as lead to more assistance being given.

Overall, the Rooster year holds excellent prospects for the Dragon and by making the most of his strengths and following through his ideas, he will reap many rewards. This is a year for commitment, enterprise and progress.

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Dragon 2017 Horoscope
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