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The Year of the Rooster starts on 28 February and will be a busy and generally positive one for the Goat. However, he should remember that the Rooster year favours a practical and determined approach and if he is to benefit he must put some effort into his various activities as well as watch his capricious Goat nature. This is very much a year when commitment and resolve will reap rewards.

In the Goat’s work this can be a year of significant developments, with quite a few Goats looking to advance their career or switch to something different. Having made that decision to go forward, they should waste no time in making enquiries, seeking advice or putting themselves forward whenever they see a suitable opportunity. As the saying goes, There is no time like the present, and the Rooster year is one when determination and resolve will pay off. The period from April to June and September could see some interesting and encouraging developments.

Those Goats seeking work will also find that by actively following up any positions that interest them, even if they are different from what they have done before, they may well succeed in setting their career off on a new and encouraging path.

Also, all Goats should take advantage of any training that is available to them. Keeping their skills up to date will not only help their current position but also increase their options for the future. And with this being such a fine year for personal development, the Goat should also consider furthering his personal interests in some way. With his enquiring nature, he can find his interests bringing him considerable satisfaction over the year.

Those Goats who enjoy creative and expressive pursuits would also do well to promote what they do, as many will be considerably heartened by the responses they receive to their work. This is a year when the Goat should use his talents well. He will often benefit as a result, and sometimes in surprising ways.

Travel, too, is favoured over the year and the Goat should make the most of any chances to go away, including taking up invitations to visit family or friends living some distance away.

However, while the Rooster year holds encouraging prospects for the Goat, there are certain areas which require greater care, and one of these is finance. This can be a costly year for the Goat, particularly with accommodation and family expenses.

In view of this, he would do well to manage his finances carefully, keeping watch on his spending as well as making provision for his obligations. He also needs to be wary of taking risks and be thorough when dealing with important paperwork. This includes

making sure insurance and other policies are kept up to date as well as dealing with financially related forms promptly and thoroughly. Inattention, delay or carelessness could be to the Goat’s cost. Goats, take note.

With his outgoing and sociable nature, the Goat always set much store by his relations with others and over the year these will continue to mean a lot to him. Not only will he be encouraged by the support he is given, but by talking over his plans and ideas, he will find himself helped a great deal, sometimes in unexpected ways. In 2017 family, friends and close colleagues can all serve the Goat well.

As far as his home life is concerned, this will be a busy and sometimes eventful year. As always, the Goat will do much to assist those dear to him and the support and advice he gives will be much appreciated. Over the year many Goats will embark on some major projects to their home. In setting about such projects the Goat does need to plan carefully as well as consult others – the more help and input he can get, the better. With the eventful nature of the Rooster year there will also be some Goats who will move house.

While again this will be time-consuming and disruptive, these Goats will welcome the new opportunities their move will bring and will regard it as the start of a new chapter in their lives. Here again, the Rooster year can often be a significant one.

However, in view of the activity and pressures some of the year will bring, there will be occasions when tempers get frayed and disagreements arise. In the Rooster year these do need to be resolved early to avoid the risk of them escalating or undermining the good relationships the Goat so values.

Goats, do take note, and remember that in difficult situations openness and dialogue can be worth a great deal.

The Goat’s social life is, however, well aspected, and the Goat is likely to make the most of his chances to go out with friends or attend social events. With his sociable nature, he too will enjoy the opportunities he has to meet and get to know others. March, May and the period from July to early September could be particularly active. The Goat could also get to meet others through his interests or a holiday he goes on and form an important new friendship as a result.

Generally, the Rooster year holds encouraging prospects for the Goat and by carrying through his plans and making the most of his talents, he will accomplish a great deal. This is very much a year for forging ahead and the Goat will be supported and encouraged throughout.

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Goat 2017 Horoscope
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