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The Year of the Rooster starts on 28 February and holds fine prospects for the Horse. However, he will need to work hard for results as well as watch his independent tendencies. This is a year for proceeding with care as well as being flexible in outlook.

At work the Horse’s prospects are generally encouraging. However, in view of the changes of the preceding year, many Horses will decide to concentrate on their existing role and continue learning about the various aspects of their work. By immersing themselves in what they do and giving their best, these Horses will often find their work satisfying and will be able to improve on and add to their skills. While many will be content in their existing role, should the opportunity arise for them to take on other responsibilities, they should make the most of it.

Not only will the additional experience be helpful now, but it will often be to their long-term advantage as well.

For those Horses who are unhappy in their present situation and keen to move on, as well as those seeking work, again the Rooster year will contain some good opportunities.

However, such is the nature of the year that these Horses will need to put in the effort in order to secure something suitable. This includes preparing thoroughly for any interview as well as presenting themselves in the best possible light. As the Horse will find, he will need to work hard to make progress, but with commitment and determination, he may well secure what will be an interesting new position, and one with the potential for further development. March, April, June and November in particular could see some fine opportunities.

The Horse should also take advantage of any training that may be available to him. Even though he may already be proficient at what he does, he will benefit from improving his skills and keeping up to date with developments.

As far as financial matters are concerned, the Horse will need to proceed with care in the Rooster year. With the many things he would like to do and buy, he will need to plan ahead, including setting certain sums aside for more expensive purchases as well as keeping watch on his general level of spending. With care and control, he will be pleased with how he fares, but he does need to use his resources well. Also, he should be wary of entering into commitments too hurriedly and without checking the terms and implications, otherwise he could come to regret his haste. With finances, especially with large transactions, thoroughness is the key.

The Rooster year is, though, favourably aspected for travel and the Horse should aim to go away at some time during the year. By going somewhere that appeals to his adventurous Horse nature, he will often enjoy himself as well as benefit from the break. Some Horses may take advantage of travel offers at short notice or follow up invitations to visit those living some distance away. The aspects for travel are certainly encouraging.

The Horse will also derive a great deal of satisfaction from his personal interests over the year, especially those which take him out of doors or have a practical element to them. The Horse often has the knack of using his leisure time well, and with his many ideas, this can be a particularly rewarding year for him.

This also applies to his domestic life.

Again, the Horse will nearly always have some activity lined up and will certainly contribute a lot to family life. In addition, he will provide much useful support to those around him and whenever a loved one needs encouragement or advice, the Horse will be there. Some of the help he is able to offer to those much younger and older than himself will mean far more than he may realize.

However, while he will do much to assist others, the Horse should also listen carefully to any advice and suggestions he receives from those close to him. They do speak with his interests at heart.

The Horse’s social life holds pleasing prospects over the year and he will enjoy going out and spending time with friends. In view of his often wide-ranging interests and the various activities he gets involved in, he will often meet others and widen his social circle. For those Horses who may be lonely or have had some recent personal difficulty, the Rooster year can be a more positive time, and by going out and pursuing their interests, many will see quite a transformation in their social life.

For the unattached, affairs of the heart could feature prominently and will help to make the year all the more special. For socializing and meeting others, the months from February to early April and August and September are particularly well aspected.

Overall, the Rooster year holds good prospects for the Horse, but to benefit he will need to work hard and make the most of his opportunities. His accomplishments this year will often serve him well in the more auspicious Dog year that follows.

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Horse 2017 Horoscope
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