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The Year of the Rooster begins on 28 February and is one of opportunity for the Monkey. However, to benefit, he will need to make the most of his talents and be prepared to put himself forward. This is a year which favours dedication and effort.

In his work there will some very good opportunities for the Monkey to make headway. However, he would do well to give some thought to his personal development, in particular whether there are any skills it would be useful to improve upon or acquire. By following this up, either through training offered through his work or personal study, he will find that there will be many more possibilities open to him.

Also, looking to develop will give him a sense of moving forward and this will have a positive effect on both his outlook and chances to make further progress.

Many Monkeys will find there will be some good opportunities with their current employer and will find their contacts, in-house knowledge and reputation serving them well over the year. For those who feel there are better prospects elsewhere, who are considering a change of career or who are looking for work, the Rooster year can again provide some excellent openings.

To benefit, these Monkeys will, however, need to remain persistent. With much competition likely, they would do well to emphasize their experience to prospective employers, as well as any recent training and study they have carried out. By presenting themselves in the best possible light, many will secure what will be an interesting position. For work matters April, June, September and October could see encouraging developments.

As far as finances are concerned, however, this is a year for care. In 2017 the Monkey will have many plans he wants to carry out and these, together with his existing commitments, will draw heavily on his resources. The Rooster year will be an expensive one for him and to prevent problems, he could find it helpful to keep a close watch on his financial position and to plan for forthcoming expenses whenever possible. Good discipline and management will help. Also, throughout the year the Monkey should be wary of risks or of becoming involved in speculation or undertakings he knows little about. This is a year when he will need to be thorough and on his guard.

More positively, the Monkey’s domestic life will bring him considerable pleasure over the year. Spending time with his family, whether enjoying mutual interests, going out to special events or carrying out projects in the home or garden, can help the rapport the Monkey so values.

However, as with all years, there will be times when problems and differences of opinion occur. When they do, the Monkey will find that talking them over can do much to defuse them. Once again, his ability to relate to others and to empathize will prove a great asset over the year.

The year is also favourably aspected for travel and the Monkey would do well to take a holiday with his loved ones over the year. It could turn out to be one of the most satisfying holidays he has had for some time. He should also follow up any invitations he receives to visit friends or relatives living some distance away. Again, such visits can go well.

The Rooster year is also a positive one for social matters and the Monkey, who likes to keep himself active, will often make the most of his chances to go out. There will be good opportunities for him to add to his social circle, with March, May, September and December being particularly busy months. Those Monkeys currently enjoying romance will often find their relationship growing stronger over the year, while for the unattached, the aspects are favourable for meeting someone who will quickly become special. The Rooster year is indeed a fine one for relationships.

However, while the Rooster year is favourable in so many respects, with the demands of his work and all his other activities, the Monkey does need to give some consideration to his well-being. To continually drive himself, have a succession of late nights or skimp on exercise or nutritious food could leave him lacking his usual sparkle or prone to niggling ailments. Whenever possible, the Monkey does need to conduct his life at a steadier pace and balance his activities.

He must not expect to be on the go all the time and should give himself the opportunity to rest, unwind and appreciate what he has around him.

In many respects the Rooster year holds encouraging prospects for the Monkey and by making the most of his opportunities and using his talents well, he can accomplish a great deal. In his work his effort and commitment will often lead to important progress, while his domestic and social life will be active and enjoyable. Overall, a positive and personally rewarding year.

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Monkey 2017 Horoscope
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