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The Year of the Rooster starts on 28 February and will be a much improved one for the Ox. The Rooster year is all for method and order, and this suits the Ox well. Over the next 12 months he will feel more in control of his situation and able to follow through his plans. This is a year for action and achievement.

In his work the aspects are especially encouraging. Although many Oxen will have made good progress in recent years, this may not always have been in the direction they wanted and they may not have been allowed to make the best use of their skills. The Rooster year will give the Ox more chance to progress in the way that he wants.

Over the year many Oxen will find themselves well placed to take on greater responsibilities.

With their contacts and experience, many will be able to make good progress with their present employer, but will take on duties more in line with the work they have wanted to do for some time. Those Oxen who feel there may be better opportunities elsewhere too should actively follow up any openings that appeal to them. With persistence and determination – two qualities already strong in the Ox – many of them will be successful in securing what can be an important new position.

For work opportunities the months from March to early June and October are significant, but generally, with the aspects as they are, whenever the Ox sees a suitable opening he should act quickly.

Often the changes that take place at work will allow the Ox to develop his skills, but if he is offered the chance of further training or sees any courses which he feels could benefit him, he should follow them up. By extending his skills, he will do his prospects much good, and his accomplishments over the Rooster year can be both positive and far-reaching.

As far as money matters are concerned, the Ox will, however, need to be careful. Although the progress he makes in his career will often lead to an increase in income, this is not a year for risks. In particular, if he is thinking of moving or entering into any major financial undertaking, he needs to check the details and obligations he may be taking on as well as obtain appropriate advice.

Without vigilance he could find himself losing money or committed to greater expense than necessary. He should also be wary about accepting all that he is told, especially when there are financial implications. This is a year when he should scrutinize important paperwork and be his thorough self.

The Ox’s personal life is, though, more positively aspected. In his home life the Ox will value the love and support shown by others, and by being forthcoming with his thoughts and ideas, he will gain a great deal of encouragement. He will also follow the progress of those close to him with much interest and often others will look to him

for advice.

The Ox is always very much at the centre of domestic life and his role will certainly be appreciated.

However, as with any year, problems will sometimes raise their head. Sometimes these will result from tiredness, or from misunderstandings or a lack of communica-tion. When such problems occur, the Ox should try to talk them through rather than let them linger and possibly escalate or sour what can be a promising year. And when he finds himself with a lot to do, he should not hesitate to ask for assistance. Similarly, when others are under pressure, the help and support he can give will be welcome.

The Ox’s social life is well aspected, and while he may be more selective than some signs in the social events he attends, he will often greatly enjoy them. Also, as a result of changes in his work or new interests, he is likely to strike up some new and important friendships over the year.

For the unattached Ox or those enjoying newfound romance, the year is splendidly aspected. Existing romances will often grow stronger, with many Oxen marrying or settling down together, while many unattached Oxen will meet someone who will become special. Romance will certainly beckon, with many currently unattached Oxen seeing their life transformed as a result.

For socializing, April to June and the last quarter of the year can be especially promising.

Overall, the Rooster year is a positive one for the Ox. In his work the prospects are especially encouraging, with many Oxen being able to make better use of their strengths and make the progress that they want. Personally, too, the Ox will value the support and love of his family and, for the unattached, romance can bring much happiness.

The one area which requires care is finance, and here the Ox needs to be his vigilant and thorough self. Generally, though, this will be a fulfilling year and one which offers the Ox considerable scope and potential.

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Ox 2017 Horoscope
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