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The Year of the Rooster starts on 28 February and will be a busy and important one for the Rat. While the speed with which certain events may happen may disconcert him, he does thrive on activity and both personally and professionally, the year holds exciting prospects for him.

The speed of events is a key feature, though, and throughout the year the Rat will need to be alert to unfolding situations and be prepared to move swiftly. Opportunities could arise suddenly, particularly at work, and if the Rat sees an opening he feels well suited for, he should act quickly and put himself forward. He will often find his initiative and earnestness being rewarded.

Also, he could find that one opportunity leads to another. Setting about his activities in his usual enthusiastic manner will also help him when further opportunities arise. This is very much a year to advance, with April, May, September and November containing some particularly good possibilities.

For those Rats seeking work the Rooster year also holds interesting prospects. Again, though, these Rats need to be swift in making applications and need to remain persistent as well as be prepared to contact companies directly about possible openings. This is a year when initiative can make a difference. Even if certain applications do not go his way, the Rat should not lose heart. With determination and resolve, he may well secure a suitable position, and one which offers the chance of further development.

Work wise, this can be an eventful and often significant year.

The progress the Rat makes in his work will also lead to a welcome increase in income, but throughout the Rooster year he would do well to manage his money carefully. In addition to his existing obligations, he will be keen to carry out accommodation and travel plans, and other purchases will be sure to tempt him. While the Rat is one who enjoys the fruit of his labours, in the Rooster year he would be wise to watch his spending and avoid risks. Succumbing to too many temptations could prevent him from doing all he would like. He would also find it helpful to save towards certain requirements as well as consider setting something aside for the longer term.

The Rooster year will also see much activity in the Rat’s domestic life. The Rat always takes a fond interest in the activities of his loved ones and likes to be involved.

As a consequence, he will find himself very busy this year.

When those close to him have problems and pressures, he will be there to advise and assist, and similarly, whenever there is good news, he will be at the forefront of the celebrations. As always, he will do much to help others, but he should not hesitate to seek help himself should he feel under pressure. Should any problems raise their head, he will find that a willingness to talk them through will lead to the easing of tension. Once more, the Rat’s ability to empathize with others and communicate so effectively will prove useful over the year.

Also, while the Rat and his loved ones may lead busy lifestyles, he should make sure family activities do not suffer as a result. By suggesting occasional family treats as well as enjoying time spent together on mutual interests, he will find his input into family life will again be appreciated.

The Rat’s social life will also see much activity in the Rooster year. The sociable Rat knows a great many people and will often find himself with parties and social occasions to attend as well as regular opportunities to meet up with friends. On a social level he will be in great demand. And any Rats who may have had recent personal problems or be feeling lonely will find the Rooster year can bring an important new person into their lives, with a significant friendship or romance being forged. Late March to June, August and September will be favourable times for meeting others.

Although the Rat will have much to occupy himself with during the year, it is also important that he sets time aside for his own interests and recreational pursuits. Not only will these help him to relax and unwind but they can also be a good way for him to have a break from his everyday concerns. In some instances, too, the Rat’s

interests will give him the chance to get out of doors, take additional exercise or meet other enthusiasts. Whatever he does, his personal interests can help bring balance to his lifestyle.

It is also important that he does not neglect his own well-being, and over the year he should try to make sure he eats a balanced diet as well as takes sufficient exercise. To make the most of such a busy year, he does need to keep himself in good form.

Overall, the Rooster year holds much potential for the Rat. In his work there will be excellent chances for him to make progress, while on a personal level the year will see much activity, with the Rat enjoying a busy but often rewarding domestic and social life. And for-some, important new friendships and romance beckon. The Rat is certainly a sign that lives life to the full and the Rooster year will give him the opportunity to do so.

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Rat 2017 Horoscope
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