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The Year of the Rooster starts on 28 February and will be an important one for the Tiger. During the year there will be some excellent chances for him to improve on his present position and his personal life will see much activity. However, to benefit, the Tiger will need to make the most of the prevailing situations rather than adopt too independent (or wayward) an approach. This is another year which calls for care and keeping a check on his sometimes impulsive nature.

At work the Tiger’s prospects are encouraging and by making the most of his strengths, he can look forward to making good headway. However, his best results will come from concentrating on the areas in which he already has expertise rather than venturing into anything different. Also, to benefit from the opportunities the year will bring, he will need to be fairly flexible in his attitude.

If, for instance, new methods and schemes are introduced, he should be prepared to make the most of them rather than appear resistant to change. As many Tigers will find, new initiatives and proposals can sometimes lead to the creation of new posts which could benefit them. Similarly, as colleagues leave, more senior positions may become vacant which the Tiger will be well placed to apply for. It is for this reason that he has to be careful not to undermine his reputation by digging his heels in. March, May, July and November could see some interesting work developments and the chance to take on more interesting and fulfilling duties.

Those Tigers who are seeking work or who feel their present prospects are limited will also find that by following up interesting openings and remaining persistent, they will often be successful in obtaining a new position, and importantly, one with potential. When taking on any new role, the Tiger should show himself willing to learn. With the right attitude he can quickly make a favourable impression and do his prospects much good.

Another positive feature of the year will be the way it allows the Tiger to get to know others in his line of work. With his outgoing nature, he will impress many and this again will be to his advantage both in this and following years.

The progress the Tiger makes in his work will lead to a welcome increase in his income, and as far as financial matters are concerned, this will be a positive year. Some Tigers may also be able to supplement their earnings with some additional or freelance work and could be blessed with a certain amount of luck, receiving a gift or bonus or even enjoying a competition win. However, to benefit from any financial upturn, the Tiger should use his money carefully, planning his major purchases in advance and setting funds aside for specific requirements, including, if possible, adding to his savings.

The Tiger will enjoy the travel opportunities that will arise over the year and should give some thought to the places he would like to visit. With the aspects as they are, he could see some impressive sights in 2017 and enjoy his times away.

The Tiger’s personal life also promises to be active. Domestically, some parts of the year will be especially busy. One reason for this will be the plans the Tiger will be keen to carry out, with his practical and active nature being to the fore this year. Some Tigers will decide to redecorate and alter certain rooms, some will mount an efficiency drive and rid themselves of accumulated items and some will decide to move to more suitable accommodation. Whatever the Tiger does, it will involve time, effort and disruption, but despite the pressures and occasional fraught moment, the end result will be worth it.

Throughout any practical undertaking the Tiger should, though, make every effort to liaise with others and listen to their thoughts and suggestions. This way problems and differences of opinion can be averted and the often considerable tasks will be easier to accomplish. While the Tiger’s domestic life will often be busy, the year will nevertheless contain some very rewarding occasions and the Tiger will enjoy the time spent in sharing interests and enjoying the company of his loved ones.

The Tiger’s social life will also see much activity, with the changes in his work leading to him meeting many new people and increasing his social circle. On a social level this can be a pleasing year, but if at any time a difference of opinion should arise, the Tiger should tread carefully. Although he may not feel the issue is that important, to be too dismissive or ignore the feelings of others could seriously undermine a friendship. In awkward situations, the Tiger does need to be tactful, careful and understanding.

Tigers, take note. March, June, October and December could see much social activity and be good times for meeting others. Any Tiger who is keen to build up his social life or would welcome romance will find the Rooster year certainly holds encouraging prospects. By taking the action to bring about what he wants — and for new friendships, this often means going out more and joining in with group activities – he can achieve a great deal.

In 2017 the Tiger will certainly have much in his favour but it is a case of making the most of the situations and opportunities that arise. The Tiger may have his own ideas, but this is a year for realism and for being practical. With care, however, this can be a prosperous and pleasurable time.

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Tiger 2017 Horoscope
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