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Thursday, 27 February: On the day under the control of the sign of the Rat, you can think about your prospects. On Thursday, you should not be scattered over trifles, it is better to focus on the main thing. Thoughts are material, so take time to think. Everything related to personal life should not cause you serious concerns. However, the Chinese horoscope today warns you against excessive stubbornness and perseverance. The impact of the elements of Yang-Metal can increase the misunderstanding in your pair. In the evening you can be overwhelmed by fatigue: 4 lunar day are fraught with nervous overloads. Excess Metal creates excessive excitement and excitement. Perform Qigong breathing exercises to activate energy. In working moments, consult with more experienced colleagues more often. The Chinese horoscope advises: one who steps softly will advance far in his path. Enlist the support of management and employees.

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