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Saturday, 14 September: Most likely, you have to go through a lot of interesting events, at least you should not wait for trouble. The positive energy of the Rabbit day promises good luck and luck in all things. On Saturday, you can feel such a surge of strength that you can easily cope with all the difficulties. The Chinese horoscope today warns you of problems in your personal life. Do not be stubborn, be prepared for dialogue. The energy of the Yin-Wood will make you softer and more tolerant of partner’s weaknesses. You can gain the trust of a loved one by taking a step towards him. On 16 lunar day, health may worsen. Imbalance of the Wood element is fraught with frequent infectious diseases. To strengthen immunity, practice Hatha Yoga and hardening. If you are in doubt about your professional growth, get patience. Your achievements will not go unnoticed, the Chinese horoscope reminds: steel tempers a long fire.

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