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Wednesday, October 28: The ancient sages attached special importance to the Dragon day. On Wednesday, you can influence the course of events, if you trust your intuition. Any business will argue, and luck will become your reliable companion. However, do not forget about caution: good luck — a capricious lady. For everyone in love, the Chinese horoscope today advises to openly express their feelings. Do not be afraid to seem ridiculous and ridiculous, the energy of the Yang-Wood will help to express your attitude towards your partner as clearly as possible — you will be appreciated. The thirteenth lunar day is favorable for improving health. With a lack of the Wood energy, back problems can occur. To strengthen muscle tone, perform the Iyengar Yoga Asanas Complex. Do not lose your temper if the child disobeys. The most important thing in upbringing is the parental example, therefore, the Chinese horoscope advises: a large river flows quietly, an intelligent person does not raise his voice.

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