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Saturday, July 4: According to the predictions of the ancient sages, the Monkey day promises a lot of unpredictable events. On Saturday, you may find yourself in an unexpected situation, but do not be in a hurry to get upset: all changes are for the better. Do not load yourself with unnecessary thinking, just trust fate. The Chinese horoscope for Dog today offers to show some lightheadedness in heart matters. Think about changing the situation, if you can not establish a personal life. Yang-Earth energy is so stable and predictable that any changes will only benefit. Have a relaxation session in the evening. On a 15 lunar day, increased loads are contraindicated under the control of the Earth element. Take a healing bath, for a complete relaxation, add a few drops of lavender. Avoid the temptation to borrow, count only on your own savings. If you can not resist the extra purchases, follow the advice of the Chinese horoscope: moderation in everything is the wealth of the family.

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