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Wednesday, October 28: The ancient sages attached special importance to the Dragon day. On Wednesday, you can influence the course of events, if you trust your intuition. Any business will argue, and luck will become your reliable companion. However, do not forget about caution: good luck — a capricious lady. In private life, quarrels are possible. The element of Yang-Wood gives decisiveness and stubbornness. Under the influence of this powerful energy, you can be too demanding on your half. The Chinese horoscope for Dog today advises to refrain from commenting on any occasion. Do not despair if you have skin problems. The Horse hour gives determination and perseverance in achieving goals. Use the power of nature, regularly use masks and compresses from natural products. Do not be discouraged if what is happening does not meet your expectations. Take inspiration from those nearby, thanks to them you will succeed. The Chinese horoscope assures: if the family lives in harmony, it will always be lucky.

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