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Friday, April 16: Today you will find a lot of interesting events. The ancient sages believed that the Horse day increases the craving for self-expression. On Friday, you can express yourself with a new, unexpected side. Be active, expand your social circle — you will be understood and appreciated. Probably the love relationship will become less tense. The energy of Yang-Wood will help keep calm and avoid misunderstanding. The Chinese horoscope for Dog today urges you to abandon aggression and insults to your partner. You will notice progress in the relationship. If you are concerned about being overweight, do body shaping. On the 5 lunar day under the control of the Wood, fasting will not bring a positive effect. Viniyoga exercises can quickly get in shape. Listen to yourself, try to understand what you really want. Perhaps you set petty goals and waste your energy, the Chinese horoscope advises: do not pander into a useless cause.

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