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Thursday, 12 December: Now is not the time to indulge in sad thoughts. According to the Chinese calendar, the Goat day is designed for joy and fun. You should not pin special hopes on Thursday, all the more serious about what is happening. Enjoy life, in the near future your affairs will be adjusted. The impact of the elements of Yin-Water will help you come to terms with the shortcomings of a loved one. Do not rush to part, do not rush in loud words, but simply show sensitivity and participation to the affairs of the partner. The Chinese horoscope for the Dog today promises that your relationship will reach a new level. On the 16 lunar day, the load on the body increases, watch your well-being. The element of Water is associated with the kidneys, with its imbalance, the skeletal system suffers. To replenish energy, do oil massage. Do not rush to extremes, try to think rationally. If you find it difficult to accept the current state of affairs, leave everything in its place. The Chinese horoscope claims: constancy is the key to success.

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