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Thursday, 17 October: Traditionally it was believed that the day under the control of the Rat is quite favorable. However, much will depend on you, spend a Thursday in unhurried reflections. Do not rush to action, if there is no full confidence in their abilities. If the relationship with the child is not set, it’s time to fix them. Chinese horoscope for Dog today advises to make concessions. The Yang-Earth element enhances prudence and prudence. Show parental wisdom, do not try to impose your opinion on the child. The nineteenth lunar day is dangerous poisoning. Earth element is associated with the stomach, digestive disorders are possible. Try to monitor your diet, do not abuse junk food. If you are not afraid to take risks and are ready to make sacrifices for your goals, consider all the consequences. The Chinese horoscope warns: in a moment of danger, rely only on yourself. Make decisions wisely.

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