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Thursday, 16 January: Today you can find a non-standard solution to long-standing problems. The Horse day awakens the spirit of adventurism, the desire for independence. On Thursday, you will be able to achieve a lot, if only you believe in your strength and do not give in to the difficulties. If the relationship with the child is not set, it’s time to fix them. Chinese horoscope for Dog today advises to make concessions. The Yang-Earth element enhances prudence and prudence. Show parental wisdom, do not try to impose your opinion on the child. On the twenty-second lunar day it is better to eat plant foods. In case of violation of the Earth energy, loss of appetite and loss of taste sensations are noted. If possible, follow a diet rich in fiber. Give up the habit of shifting responsibility to others. Do not waste your energy on empty conversations and arguments, listen to the advice of the Chinese horoscope: wisdom is born of labor. Work on yourself.

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