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Saturday, March 28: The ancient sages believed that the Horse day strengthens the desire for independence. On Saturday, you may be overly harsh and cold toward close people, but this behavior is fraught with problems. Be wise and patient: to destroy the old is always easier than building a new one. The Chinese horoscope for Dog today does not exclude gossip and intrigue around your couple. The elements of Yang-Metal are not peculiar to delicacy, therefore quarrels and scandals on the basis of jealousy are possible. Try to control yourself, do not publicize personal problems. There is a risk of poisoning, refuse exotic dishes. The charm of the Dragon hour is deceptive, it is necessary to resist food temptations. Eat more foods with herbal enzymes. Listen to yourself, try to understand what you really want. Perhaps you set petty goals and waste your energy, the Chinese horoscope advises: do not pander into a useless cause.

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