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Saturday, September 26: Be careful with finances. A day under the control of the Monkey sign does not promise material stability. Devote Saturday to fun, and leave your financial operations for later. Chances are that the investment will not be justified. If possible, invite a loved one to a romantic date. The positive energy of Yang-Water will help you to convince your partner in the strength of your feelings. Do not be afraid to expose your soul, the Chinese horoscope for the Dragon today promises harmony in relationships. The eleventh lunar day is favorable for strengthening immunity. Water imbalance leads to infectious diseases of the kidneys and bladder. Contrast foot baths will greatly benefit. Try to alternate working moments with rest, it is impossible to live permanently in emergency mode. The Chinese horoscope consoles: the one who is wet in the rain is not afraid of dew. Do not ruin yourself for the sake of circumstances.

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