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Monday, April 19: The ancient sages believed that the Rooster day promotes career growth. On Monday, do not expect obstacles in your path; on the contrary, colleagues and bosses will support you. However, do not take decisive action, the best tactic is waiting. Well-being in your personal life depends only on your efforts. Influence of Yin-Fire energy can lead to family quarrels. The Chinese horoscope for the Dragon today offers to solve problems calmly. Your impulsiveness can be an obstacle to personal happiness. The seventh lunar day is suitable for practices aimed at restoring energy. Excess of Fire causes heart problems, arrhythmia may occur. Paschimottanasana rests the heart, soothes nerves. Always forgive enemies and ill-wishers, do not let anger ruin your life. The Chinese horoscope warns: revenge is a double-edged sword; when you destroy the enemy, you destroy your soul.

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