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Thursday, 21 November: According to the Chinese calendar, the Dog day is favorable for any professional activity. On Thursday you can start developing a new project or hold talks. Now everything depends on your activity, do not sit idle — and everything will turn out. If possible, invite a loved one to a romantic date. The positive energy of Yang-Water will help you to convince your partner in the strength of your feelings. Do not be afraid to expose your soul, the Chinese horoscope for the Dragon today promises harmony in relationships. On the twenty-fifth lunar day, it is useful to perform exercises for relaxation and stress relief. Imbalance of the elements of Water leads to bone diseases. Practice Prithvi Mudra while meditating. If it is difficult for you to resist the onslaught of circumstances, console yourself with the fact that everything in life is for the better. The acquired knowledge and skills are priceless; the Chinese horoscope reminds: one good experience is worth seven teachings.

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