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Monday, 16 September: Day of wisdom and contemplative attitude to everything happening. On Monday you can trust your intuition. According to the ideas of the Chinese sages, the day of the Snake helps to find peace of mind. Trust fate, go with the flow: all is for the better. Learn to hear your partner. The Chinese horoscope for the Goat today does not exclude some tension in the relationship. Exposure to Yin-Fire can increase your impulsiveness. Do not start an important conversation, if you feel that you are on edge. On the seventeenth lunar day, it is worth revising the diet. Fire deficiency causes bowel disease. To replenish energy, it is useful to use dairy products, vegetable leaves, nuts, and legumes. A high level of sociability will allow you to achieve more. Despite everything, be polite and attentive, the Chinese horoscope advises: one smile can erase a million worries. Get along with people.

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