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Thursday, 21 November: Believe in yourself and your environment, be open to communication. The Dog day gives a feeling of peace of mind and safety. On Thursday, you can count on the help of colleagues and unfamiliar people. Expand your social circle: friends do not happen much. The Chinese horoscope for the Goat for today promises harmony in relationships. The impact of the elements of Yang-Water will help you choose the right tone in a conversation with a partner. Show your diplomatic talents in all its glory, try to establish a constructive dialogue with your loved one. On a 25 lunar day, under the control of Water, ears are especially vulnerable. With an imbalance in the energy of Water, hearing loss occurs, ringing in the ears appears. To improve health, perform massage-tapping the back of the head. No matter what, try to increase your wealth. Personal problems, failures in the professional sphere — not a reason for inaction. According to the Chinese horoscope: hard times give birth to great people.

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