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Friday, April 16: Today you will find a lot of interesting events. The ancient sages believed that the Horse day increases the craving for self-expression. On Friday, you can express yourself with a new, unexpected side. Be active, expand your social circle — you will be understood and appreciated. Take care of your personal life. The Yang-Wood energy brings goodness and compassion into the world. The Chinese horoscope for the Horse today advises to direct all forces to strengthen the family union. Abstracted from the outside world, think only about yourself and your loved one. On the fifth lunar day, the liver and gall bladder are especially vulnerable. An imbalance in the Wood element can lead to digestive upsets. Do not limit yourself radically, exclude fatty meats from the diet. Do not despair if your dreams have proved impossible. The situation may change over time, first of all, understand yourself. According to the Chinese horoscope: a tall lamp shines far.

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