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Tuesday, 25 February: On the Dog day, the need for communication increases, people seek support and approval. If you do not persist in your opinion on Tuesday, you can avoid disappointment. Do not focus on unpleasant moments, learn to forgive and trust people. Despite the difficulties in your personal life, try to think positively. The Chinese horoscope for the Horse for today advises to hide its discontent from the partner. Yang-Earth energy will give your actions a thoroughness. You can turn the tide for the better. On 2 lunar day, long walks are useful. The element of the Earth is associated with the spleen, with its deficiency muscle weakness and impotence arise. To replenish energy, try to move as much as possible. If you are not comfortable with the current state of affairs, consider changing your job or take advanced training courses. Investing in yourself is sure to pay off, the Chinese horoscope reminds: there is no end to knowledge.

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