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Sunday, May 31: Today you can not be afraid of betrayal and deception. The Dog day involves an honest, decent relationship between people. Therefore, calmly do your chores on Sunday, people around you will not put obstacles in your way. Enjoy the soulful atmosphere of this day. The Chinese horoscope for the Horse for today advises not to forget about your parental duty. The energy of Yang-Wood will help you alleviate an awkward situation and take relationships to a new level. Show wisdom in communication with the child, try to become his friend. Pay sufficient attention to health, keep a balanced diet. The Dog hour gives stamina and good mood. To improve digestion, eat cereals, legumes, and nuts. The ability to correctly plan your budget will give the desired results. You can avoid financial losses if you learn to calculate possible risks. The Chinese horoscope assures: he who knows the measure will not be disgraced.

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