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Monday, August 10: According to the ideas of the Chinese sages, the Rooster day is peculiar to touchiness. Spend Monday in a relaxed atmosphere, do not enter into arguments and conflicts. Otherwise, because of your stubbornness and absurd behavior, you may find yourself in an unpleasant situation. In family relationships, harmony will prevail. The influence of the elements of the Yin-Wood will help to cope with jealousy and suspicion. Be sure of your partner, the Chinese horoscope for the Horse for today sees no reason for alarm. Learn to appreciate what you have. On the twenty-second lunar day, it is useful to treat skin defects. An imbalance in the energy of the Wood can lead to acne. For skin healing, use mud masks and body wraps. It will not hurt to change the situation, if not now, in the near future is mandatory. Take a vacation and spend it profitably, following the advice of the Chinese horoscope: do not miss the chance, because it is unlikely that another will appear.

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