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Thursday, 21 November: Favorable time for teamwork. The day, managed by the Dog sign, is intended for communication, exchange of views. On Thursday, any of your ideas will be met with approval. Feel free to express your thoughts: colleagues will meet you. The impact of the Yang-Water element will not allow you to plunge into the ocean of illusions. Do not waste your time on the dream of an ideal partner. The Chinese horoscope for Monkey today advises you not to lose touch with reality. Try to find the pros in the current state of affairs. On the twenty-fifth lunar day, it is useful to perform exercises for relaxation and stress relief. Imbalance of the elements of Water leads to bone diseases. Practice Prithvi Mudra while meditating. If you lack self-confidence, take inspiration from every life event. The Chinese horoscope claims: do not weave thin clothing from coarse yarn. Work on yourself, the future is in your hands.

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