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Saturday, March 28: Traditionally, the day under the control of the Horse sign, associated with vigorous activity. On Saturday, you are able to solve a lot of problems, but be careful and cautious. Do not be distracted by unnecessary fuss, focus on business — and immediately feel a change for the better. Do not seek changes in your personal life. Innovations may not be so positive. Yang-Metal energy does not have to tenderness and gentleness in a relationship. The Chinese horoscope for Monkey today does not exclude quarrels in the family. On the 4 lunar day you can not be afraid of injuries, calmly proceed to training. The element of Metal is associated with the lungs, its imbalance causes problems with the back and neck. Smooth body stretches will be of great benefit. Do not believe all the attractive offers that promise huge profits. Dreams of quick enrichment can lead to losses, so the Chinese horoscope advises: do not pursue profit — you will not fall into the trap.

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